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Juno T41 Scanner Imager
Juno T41 S

1D/2D Barcode Imager

Juno T41 RFID
Juno T41 RFID

Ultra High Frequency RFID

Juno T41 G EnhancedGPS
Juno T41 Enhanced GPS

Integrated 1-2 meter GPS acquisition

The Trimble® Juno® T41 Series

Integrated handheld computer with choice of features and OS

The Juno T41 offers combined feature options to provide customers the handheld that meets their specific needs in the field: Enhanced GPS, 1D/2D barcode imaging, ultra-high frequency RFID, voice/data capability or not, choice of Windows or Android operating systems, rugged dust and water ingress protection rating IP68, all with the standard data collection functionality built into the Juno T41.

Juno T41 C WEHH face
Models in this form factor:

Juno T41 C
Juno T41 X
Juno T41 M

Juno T41 G Android and Windows
Models in this form factor:

Juno T41 CG
Juno T41 XG

Juno T41 R Android and WEHH
Models in this form factor:

Juno T41 CS
Juno T41 XS
Juno T41 XGS
Juno T41 XGR

Juno T41 Model Options
Juno T41 C Juno T41 C model

Basic Rugged Handheld Computer

Juno T41 Android and Windows OS Juno T41 X smartphone

Juno T41 X models offer 3.75 voice and data capability on WWAN GSM (AT&T)

Trimble Juno T41 Enhanced GPS Juno T41 G

Real-time enhanced GPS accuracy: the "G" configuration

Juno T41 Android and Windows OS Juno T41 R

Rugged, powerful, compact ultra-high frequency RFID: the "R" models

Juno T41 S Juno T41 S Model

Juno T41 S Model