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Trimble SNS Vibe

  • Advanced navigation to support the operation of stakeless drill and vibes
  • Clear display of project area for easy and efficient navigation
  • Integrated with office software to enable precise stakeless operations 
  • Streamlined workflow increases productivity and reduces project cost

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The Trimble SNS Vibe™ systems are advanced vehicle navigation solutions intended to quickly and efficiently navigate seismic drill & vibe operators to source targets. Built to meet the needs of the seismic survey industry, these systems improve productivity and safety with easy, efficient, task specific navigation.

A Complete Solution

Each system comes equipped with an advanced 220 channel GNSS receiver supporting multiple constellations and surveying modes, an extremely bright and rugged 12.1 inch touchscreen tablet, a UHF radio for RTK operations, an inertial measuring unit to compute precise heading, pitch and roll, two corrosion and shock resistant color cameras for live video, along with cabling configurations for NMEA, PPS and trigger support. Coupled with the powerful, yet easy to use, android tablet interface running the Trimble SNS software provides a complete solution for seismic navigation.

Designed for Operational Safety

The Trimble SNS software supports aerial imagery in a wide variety of formats, ESRI shape files, and digital elevation models to provide a clear picture of the driver’s surroundings, thereby reducing liability and increasing employee safety. Any number and combination of area shape files can be configured for use as either exclusion or inclusion zones. Proximity and zone breach alarms are issued both visually and audibly. Using data from the inertial measuring unit, warnings can be set for vehicle pitch and roll allowances. Integrated windows displaying live feeds from dual video cameras provide the operator with clear images of vehicle blind spots.

Seamless Integration

Trimble SNS directly integrates with the industry leading GPSeismic® office software, including the import of GPSeismic project databases and queries, CSV files, and point SHP files for use as target points. This support extends to the use of template files for vehicle offsets, grid definition files for reference azimuth and bin calculations, and crooked line files for 2-D work. Trimble SNS and GPSeismic® share the same geodetic library and GGF geoid model support enabling a consistent coordinate framework from office to field and the ability to compute final coordinates in the vehicle.

Expedite Project Times with Stakeless surveys

Eliminating the need to pre-survey sources, Trimble SNS Vibe can significantly decrease project times and costs, all while increasing employee safety and minimizing environmental damage. Developed by Trimble’s Land Seismic division, the same engineers who brought you GPSeismic® and Trimble Access Land Seismic, Trimble SNS offers a complete surveying workflow for your line clearing and stakeless operations.

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