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Transmission Pipelines

Constructing and managing vital transportation assets is challenging in difficult environments spread over vast geographic areas. With aerial positioning solutions, route planning software, GIS integration and mobile work force management, Trimble provides a vast array of innovative location based solutions for planning, construction, monitoring and maintenance of these vital links.

Route Planning / Approvals

Oil & Gas Transmission Pipeline
Geospatial Data Capture and Route Planning
For pipeline route planning potential corridors can be accurately recorded and the terrain elevation determined with Trimble geospatial solutions, such as aerial mapping, LIDAR and mobile data capture. The data provides information for cost-effective planning and analysis by optimizing routes, creating sections, aligning plot boundaries.

Boundary Easements / Right of Way

Oil & Gas Transmission Pipeline
Trimble GIS and Cadastral Solutions
Trimble offers advanced solutions for public and private sector surveyors performing boundary and cadastral surveying associated with pipeline route creation. Advanced surveying instruments such as GNSS / GPS systems and optical total stations enable fast and accurate data collection. Information is managed and processed on powerful Trimble data collectors or office software, or can be transferred to CAD, design and GIS packages.

Pipeline Construction

Oil & Gas Transmission Pipeline
Layout and Construction Solutions
Trimble solutions cover all aspects of location based requirements for pipeline construction, from preliminary stakeout to earthworks to final as-builts and surface finishing. Surveying solutions using GNSS and total station technologies provide precise locations for the definition of centerlines, right of ways and capturing final as-built conditions.

Pipeline Construction

Oil & Gas Transmission Pipeline
Trimble Maintenance Solutions
Trimble offers a range of solutions for the capture of asset information in the field. Solutions are configurable to workflow designs with automated field data collection using GPS, barcode scanning, digital image capture, digital sketching and electronic signature capture, which can be integrated into GIS packages.

Fleet Management

Oil Gas - Distribution
Trimble Fleet Management Solutions
Trimble Asset Management solutions provide visibility to field activity that enables companies to effectively manage numerous assets, increase workflow productivity and reduce costs. Fleet Management solutions are a productivity tool with solid return-on-investment that enable high customer satisfaction with minimum capital asset costs, lower environmental impact and increased employee productivity.