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The storage of petroleum products requires strict governance to provide accurate transactions and to ensure worker and overall terminal safety. Trimble solutions provide accurate location information to increase productivity of terminal changes and to quickly determine tank calibration. Location information also allows tanks and containment features to be structurally monitored and managed throughout their lifecycle.

Dimensional Control

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Positioning Solutions
Trimble is a leading provider of GPS/GNSS and Total Station positioning technology that can provide accurate dimensional control across plant facilities.

Terminal Retrofit / Revamp

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Existing Conditions
Trimble 3D scanning quickly and safely captures existing conditions in readiness for retrofit and revamp projects. Accurate data prevents project delays and costly redesign caused by new designs that do not fit the existing conditions.

Tank Calibration

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Tank Calibration Solutions
The quick and accurate creation of tank filling tables is essential to maximize tank efficiency and reduce downtime. Trimble provides accurate filling tables that dramatically increase productivity via 3D laser scanning technology that can measure millions of data points inside the tank.

Tank Inspection

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Tank Inspection Solutions
3D laser scanning enables inspection companies to quickly collect a large amount of accurate position data, which provides rich information to visualize and analyze tanks.