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Seismic Exploration

Efficient seismic operations demand precise positioning technologies for the rapid placement of energy sources and geophone sensors. Trimble is the world's leading provider for positioning solutions including technologies such as GNSS receivers and aerial data capture. Combined with our seismic survey planning software and intuitive seismic stakeout software, Trimble delivers the broadest range of precision solutions for all seismic and exploration needs.

Trimble SNS Suite

SNS Line Clear
Trimble SNS Line Clear System
The Trimble SNS Line Clear system is an advanced navigation solution to streamline the operation of line clearing equipment.

SNS Vibe
Trimble SNS Vibe Array
The Trimble SNS Vibe systems are advanced vehicle navigation solutions intended to quickly and efficiently navigate seismic drill & vibe operators to source targets.

Survey Stakeout

Land Seismic
Trimble Access Land Seismic Application
The Trimble Access Land Seismic application includes powerful tools to simplify stakeout operations associated with land seismic surveys.

Trimble TSC7 Controller
Streamline the flow of everyday surveying work with the fully integrated Trimble TSC7 controller.

T10 Tablet
Trimble T10 Tablet
You no longer choose between the toughness and portability of a field controller and the operating power of a laptop.

GNSS Surveying Systems
GNSS Surveying Systems
Industry-leading GNSS solutions—integrated, modular, handheld—designed with the surveyor in mind.

Total Stations
Total Stations
Industry-leading GNSS solutions—integrated, modular, handheld—designed with the surveyor in mind.

Office Software

GPSeismic Office Software Suite
Trimble GPSeismic is a suite of Windows software that allows you to process and manage GNSS and conventional data using five main applications.

Trimble eCognition Essentials Software
Trimble eCognition® Essentials software is an all-in-one solution that allows users of any skill level to quickly produce high-quality, GIS-ready deliverables from satellite imagery.

Trimble Business Center
Trimble Business Center Software
Trimble Business Center software provides users with the capability to efficiently edit, process, and adjust geospatial data and create deliverables with confidence.