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Trimble GPSeismic Office Software Suite

  • Survey, mapping, and data management applications
  • Tailored made for seismic survey industry
  • Works hand in hand with Trimble Access Land Seismic application
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Trimble® GPSeismic® is a suite of Windows® applications that allows you to process and manage GNSS, INS, and conventional survey data. It has hundreds of tools to solve your most complex survey problems and is fully integrated with Trimble field controllers and office software. There are five main applications:

QuikLoad—Creates or imports preplots and provides a flexible means of creating upload files for field data collectors.

QuikView—Processes the raw data surveyed with GNSS systems with an emphasis on quality control.

QuikMap—A key problem solving application providing the user with capabilities ranging from preplot redesign to fold analysis.

GPSQL—A sophisticated database front-end geared towards working with all preplot and processed survey data.

QuikCon—An application for processing raw conventional data in various formats.


The Trimble® GPSeismic® QuikLoad application has both import and creation capabilities as well as flexible tools for selecting and uploading design points to both GNSS and other types of stakeout systems. This includes all versions of Trimble Access® and earlier Trimble data collectors. Selecting your stakeout points can be done numerically or graphically with the help of any number of raster and vector layer backgrounds. The generation capabilities are numerous and include simple 2D, 3D, crooked, zig-zag, and brick.


The Trimble GPSeismic QuikView application processes any version of Trimble data collector file, transforms the data to a desired coordinate system and if required, converts ellipsoid heights to orthometric heights using a selected geoid model. and surveyed coordinates can be displayed against a background consisting of any number of raster or vector layers in order to ensure that the survey was conducted as planned. QuikView populates a project database with all collected and computed survey data and provides a number of relevant quality control graphs and reports.


The Trimble GPSeismic QuikMap application is a multipurpose coordinate handling application and provides numerous data operations in support of geophysical exploration activities. QuikMap is the most widely used application in the GPSeismic software suite because of the sheer number of tasks it can perform. This includes comparison, digital elevation creation and use, fold analysis, re-design, exclusion area functions, proximity tests, spread analysis, binning, and much more.


The Trimble GPSeismic GPSQL application is a project database front-end with numerous functions tailored for the seismic industry. GPSQL allows the user to query the database using point and click methods, and with the results, create reports, seismic files, map files, and much more. When dealing with what could potentially be hundreds of thousands of survey positions and the associated quality control information, data management is paramount and GPSQL is the core GPSeismic® application for handling these demanding requirements.


The Trimble GPSeismic QuikCon application processes conventional survey data and is tailored towards reciprocal surveys. It provides numerous visual methods in the quality control of raw observations and processed coordinates. Once the raw observations have been processed, takeoff information is appended and a file is created that can be processed and exported directly to custom reports, shape files, DXF files, seismic files, or QuikView. In QuikView the data can be further analyzed before it is sent to the project database.

Trimble offers online resources and a professional support network that spans the globe. Resources range from online documentation to detailed trouble shooting information and details on obtaining further assistance.

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