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Fleet In-Vehicle Monitoring Services

Fleet & In-Vehicle Monitoring Services

Fleet & In-Vehicle Monitoring Services

With critical industry insights, technology and support, our Fleet & In-Vehicle Monitoring Services give you the real-time information and tools that you and your operators need, so you can find energy, not waste it.

Get there first with oil and gas field mapping from Trimble Oil & Gas Services – the only off-road mapping service in the United States and Canada. It’s web-based, turn-by-turn access to more than a million privately leased roads, facilities and well sites. And that’s just part of a powerful platform with an entire lineup of robust applications designed to make you faster, safer and more compliant.

With critical industry insights, technology and support, we give you the real-time information and tools that you and your operators need, so you can find energy, not waste it.

  • Oil and gas field mapping and navigation for critical off-road details
  • GPS tracking and well site geo-fencing for asset management and monitoring
  • Powerful applications designed to enhance mobility, productivity and compliance for your operation, from in-cab to back office
  • Industry-specific safety features that protect drivers, workers and service technicians
  • User-friendly interface with quick touch screen for in-cab efficiency and ease

Asset Tracking
Asset Tracking
Our Fleet and Asset Trackers provide GPS visibility, event monitoring, and remote asset data on a near-global basis. Ideal for low volume messaging with mission critical data, they provides you with the most cost-effective solutions available for both fixed and mobile applications such as intermodal shipping containers, trailers, buoys, and barges.

Automated Hours
Automated Hours of Service
Using our Electronic Driver Logs (ELD) solution, eDriver Logs, you’ll streamline your hours of service reporting and take it off the paper, saving the driver time and money. With the upcoming ELD Mandate, you can’t afford to not use our best-in-the-business solution.

Crude Oil
Crude Oil Workflow
Designed specifically for the crude oil hauling industry, Crude Oil Workflow automates time-consuming paperwork and integrates information in real time throughout your operation. • Workflow design configured for, and integrated with your software • Capture Signatures and print pickup and delivery tickets on the spot • Stay in touch by satellite in remote areas • Split tanks and calculate barrels automatically

Oil Field Mapping
Oil Field Mapping and Navigation
Cut out-of-route miles and costs with navigation based on the most detailed off-road data in the industry, updated regularly for oil and gas speci¬fic navigation challenges such as private lease roads, well, facility and survey locations. In-cab navigation helps drivers and crews get to those off-road locations the ¬first time—every time.

Operator Safety
Operator Safety
Along with a full suite of products that increase safety and compliance for all fleets, we offer industry-specific safety features that protect drivers, workers, and service technicians such as Radio Frequency Disable, Out-of-Truck Notifications, and back-office visibility to metrics and trends through the Energy Services Portal.

Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Tracking
We offer an endless suite of applications such as Automated Workflow, Vehicle Management, Remote Diagnostics (Fleet Performance), Portal and Reports (Driver Scorecard), back office integration, and so much more. Through our online portal, you’ll have access to an executive dashboard giving you at-a-glance visibility to your operation's metrics and seasonal trends. You know where your vehicles are at and what they’re doing, at all times.