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Rapid and efficient deployment of drilling teams and creation of pads require immediate knowledge of resources and assets available. Trimble's location based solutions provide accurate spatial information that allows drilling teams to quickly deploy with the right equipment. On site, our machine control systems allow pads to be quickly prepared and 3D laser scanner and total stations provide the precision required for rig surveys and top drive track alignment.

Rig Surveys

3D Laser Scanning and Total Stations
Capture rig design information quickly and efficiently with 3D laser scanning technology. Accurate, factual "real world" information of your rigs allows for increased utilization and improved efficiency by decreasing downtime during rig modifications.

Asset Tracking/Management

Asset Tracking
Trimble Asset Management Solutions
Trimble Asset Management solutions provide visibility to field activity that enables companies to effectively manage numerous assets, increase workflow productivity and reduce costs.

Pad and Site Preparation

SNS Solution
Pad and Site Preparation Solutions
Performing earthworks smarter, faster and more profitably is critical to success in today's highly competitive market. From bulk earthworks to finished grade and compaction, Trimble has the most complete line of 2D and 3D machine control systems for scrapers, excavators, dozers, graders, compactors, trimmers and more.

Top Down Alignment

Rig Alignment
3D Laser Scanning and Total Stations
Avoid costly damage to top drives by ensuring accurate centering over the well bore and alignment of the track. 3D laser scanning and total station technologies provide the ability to quickly and safely capture high accuracy information of the drilling rig.