NMEA-0183 message: PTNL,GGK

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Time, position, position type, DOP

An example of the PTNL,GGK message string is:


PTNL,GGK message fields

Field Meaning
0 Talker ID $PTNL
1 Message ID GGK
2 UTC time of position fix, in hhmmmss.ss format. Hours must be two numbers, so may be padded. For example, 7 is shown as 07.

UTC date of position fix, in ddmmyy format. Day must be two numbers, so may be padded. For example, 8 is shown as 08.

4 Latitude, in degrees and decimal minutes (dddmm.mmmmmmm)
5 Direction of latitude:

N: North

S: South


Longitude, in degrees and decimal minutes (dddmm.mmmmmmm). Should contain three digits of ddd.

7 Direction of longitude:

E: East

W: West

8 GPS Quality indicator:

0: Fix not available or invalid

1: Autonomous GPS fix

2: RTK float solution

3: RTK fix solution

4: Differential, code phase only solution (DGPS)

5: SBAS solution – WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS

6: RTK float or RTK location 3D Network solution

7: RTK fixed 3D Network solution

8: RTK float or RTK location 2D in a Network solution

9: RTK fixed 2D Network solution

10: OmniSTAR HP/XP solution

11: OmniSTAR VBS solution

12: Location RTK solution

13: Beacon DGPS

9 Number of satellites in fix
10 Dilution of Precision of fix (DOP)
11 Ellipsoidal height of fix (antenna height above ellipsoid). Must start with EHT.
12 M: ellipsoidal height is measured in meters
13 The checksum data, always begins with *

Note – The PTNL,GGK message is longer than the NMEA-0183 standard of 80 characters.

Note – Even if a user-defined geoid model, or an inclined plane is loaded into the receiver, then the height output in the NMEA GGK string is always an ellipsoid height, for example, EHT24.123.