NMEA-0183 messages: PFUGDP

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Proprietary Fugro positioning message

The PFUGDP message is a proprietary message containing information about the type of positioning system, position, number of satellites and position statistics.

An example of the PFUGDP message string is:


PFUGDP message fields

Field Meaning
1 Type of positioning system (GP = GPS, GL = GLONASS, GN = GNSS)
2 UTC of position fix
3–4 Latitude in DDMM,MMMMM format, N (North) or S (South)
5–6 Latitude in DDMM,MMMMM format, E (East) or W (West)
7 Number of satellites in use
8 DPVOA (UKOOA) quality indicator (0–9)
9 DGNSS mode indicator (as defined for NMEA standard telegram $_GNS)
10 Error ellipse standard deviation semi-major axis, in meters
11 Error ellipse standard deviation semi-minor axis, in meters
12 Direction of the semi-major axis of the error ellipse, in degrees
13 RMS value of the standard deviation of the range inputs to the navigation process