NMEA-0183 message: GRS

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GRS range residuals

The GRS message is used to support the Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM).

Note – Because the contents of this NMEA message do not change significantly during a one-second interval, the receiver outputs this message at a maximum rate of 1 Hz.

An example of the GRS message string is:

$GPGRS,220320.0,0,-0.8,-0.2,-0.1, -0.2,0.8,0.6,,,,,,,*55

GRS message fields

Field Meaning
0 Message ID $GPGRS
1 UTC of GGA position fix
2 Residuals

0: Residuals used to calculate position given in the matching GGA line

1: Residuals recomputed after the GGA position was computed

3–14 Range residuals for satellites used in the navigation solution, in meters