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Seismic Systems

Robust recording instruments and sensors to monitor the effects of seismic activity.

Broadband Seismometers

REF TEK Colt Broadband Seismometers
The new compact broadband seismometer offers exceptional low self noise performance in a small installation friendly form-factor

High Resolution Strong Motion Recorders

Trimble REF TEK 130-MC
Robust Multi-Channel Recorder designed around today's modern needs for civil engineering and structural monitoring with built-in communication facilities for real-time and on-demand data collection

Trimble REF TEK 130-SMHR
Combines the 130S-01 Broadband Seismic Recorder and an advanced low-noise Accelerometer, the 147A-01/3 to provide high dynamic range

High Resolution Accelerometer

Trimble REF TEK 147A
Strong Motion Accelerometer

High Resolution Seismic Recorders

Trimble REF TEK 130S-01
Digitizes and stores analog input from a variety of external sensors, including seismometers, accelerometers, tiltmeters and other geophysical sensors

Trimble REF TEK 130-REN
Designed to meet the key requirements for Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) Systems and Rapid Event Notification (REN) Systems

Broadband Seismometer "Observer"

Trimble REF TEK 151B Series
A force-balance feedback sensor with frequency bandwidths