Transforming the way the world works
Volcano monitoring
Earth Systems

Integrated systems for earthquake and volcano monitoring

Cracked road
Earth Systems
Robust software to support atmospheric estimation and tectonic motion detection
Road subsidence
Earth Systems
Proven tools for seismological scientific research and monitoring applications

Earth Systems

Trimble Infrastructure’s portfolio of market-leading advanced positioning solutions (GNSS), applications, software and state-of-the-art seismic recorders and sensors, provide integrated proven tools for geodetic, seismological, and meteorological scientific research and monitoring applications. Our robust technologies provide an unprecedented level of capability and reliability required by the most demanding scientific applications, from localized projects to the largest GNSS networks in the world.

Trimble’s software applications support atmospheric estimation and tectonic motion detection using absolute and relative positioning techniques while our reference stations have been designed specifically to provide the data accuracy, memory, and environmental ruggedness required for the most critical geodetic, seismic and meteorological applications.
ES monitor Earthen Software

Software packages and Apps to manage seismic and earthquake engineering solutions

RETEK MC SeismoGeodetic System

Combines full-scale displacement characteristics of GNSS and high resolution seismic measurements in real-time

Seismic system collage Seismic Systems

Robust recording instruments and sensors to monitor the effects of seismic activity

Antenna Antennas

Solutions to ensure long-term operation and unsurpassed performance and reliability

Receivers Receiver

A full-feature, top-of-the-line receiver with an industry-leading 440 channels for unrivaled GNSS multiple constellations tracking performance

solar cabinet collage Solar Cabinet

Versatile enclosures to power and protect sensitive electronic equipment

bridge Aftershock Studies

Earthquake aftershocks are earthquakes in the same region of the main shock with smaller magnitude.