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Trimble MCS Customer Service

Trimble Mobile Computing Solutions Technical Support

Initial requests for warranty status of hardware, product replacement or repair, as well as help with troubleshooting a product issue, technical or developer questions for the Trimble MCS family of products, customers should go to Trimble MCS Technical support.


Trimble MCS Technical Support can be contacted through the following channels:



Phone:   +1(877) 632-3813 (USA, Canada, Central, & South America) 
              +49-6142-789-0095 (Europe, Middle East, & Africa) 
              +61-733302985 (Asia Pacific & China)



Juno T41 and Yuma 2

Service Program For Trimble MCS Handhelds

All Trimble MCS handheld computers, including the Nomad, Ranger, Yuma 2 and Juno T41 configurations are serviceable products through Trimble Regional Service Centers (RSC’s).  Trimble MCS Technical Support continues to be the first line defense for the customers with product issues. Initial requests for a replacement, exchange, return, mis-shipment or repair should go to Trimble MCS Technical Support.

If the product issue is covered under warranty, all costs less shipping to a Trimble RSC are covered. If the product is outside of the standard one-year (Yuma 2) or two-year (Juno T41) manufacturer’s warranty or outside the duration of an additional warranty extension there is a process for quotation of repair service costs.  

Level 4 Trimble Regional Service

Trimble MCS provides “Level 4 Trimble Regional Service,” meaning full repair services are available at each of the five service centers located around the world. New services specific to the Juno T41 include operating system upgrade parts to enable customers to convert a Windows Embedded Handheld product to Android and vice versa. (This is a purchasable part not covered under warranty).

This service program currently only includes the Trimble Repair Services.

Contact information for Trimble Repair Services and Trimble MCS Technical Support is listed below.  


About Trimble Repair Services

Keep peace of mind knowing that Trimble and its partners represent the largest network of Service Repair Facilities in the market with Trimble Original Equipment Manufacturer repair centers in Europe, US, China as well as Trimble Authorized repair centers in most countries and states around the world.  For information about all status of an existing SWO, warranty entitlement inquiries on an existing SWO and all other queries on service parts or repair costs contact (all regional centers).


Location and Contact Information for Trimble Regional Service Centers:



Asia Pacific