Trimble REF TEK Seismic Network Data Processor Software

  • Existence of an on-line subsystem providing real time collection and pre-processing of multichannel data;wide use of the Data Stack (DS) concept. DS is a tool for quick and flexible exchange of multichannel data between different SNDP subsystems and processing routines
  • Ability to easily generate a specific problem-oriented configuration of the system
  • User-friendly user interface, which provides explicit, easy and quick installation of new user data analysis procedures in SNDP
  • Availability of Job Control Language (JCL) - a problem-oriented language which enables the user to perform complex processing sessions realizing the Expert System strategy
  • Original graphic facilities, which comprise a graphic subsystem for multi-channel interactive data analysis, a package for 2 and 3-dimensional graphic analysis and a package for graphic support of regional source location and identification procedures
  • Ability to read and save data disk files in the most conventional seismological formats such as CSS, SEED, SAC, REFTEK, NORSAR EP, and GSE formats (including alpha forwarding)
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The Seismic Network Data Processor (SNDP) is a multitasking, scalable, problem-oriented and open-architecture software designed for UNIX and LINUX computers/networks. It provides real-time data collection, processing and interactive analysis of seismological and other geophysical data registered by 130 Recorders in spatially-distributed networks of sensors.

The package includes interactive 3D graphics and geographical mapping tools. Depending on the customer needs, SNDP scales itself from PC-based seismic analyst workstations to the National Data Center distributed processing environment.

The SNDP Real-Time subsystem (SNDP-RT) provides reliable execution of application procedures in varying conditions of data stream and user's activity intensity. It's based on an "up-to-down design projection", free asynchronous communication between different system processes based on the "port" method. SNDP executes all data processing stages needed for preliminary regional seismic bulletin issue using data from seismic installations of various configurations, i.e. single Small Aperture Array, a multitude of arrays, seismic network, and a multitude of networks. The stages are: detection of seismic events, identification and parameter estimation of seismic phases, location of event sources, and identification of types.


SNDP workflow