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Trimble REF TEK 147A Accelerometer

  • State-of-the-art, high resolution, force-balance Accelerometer
  • Converts acceleration signals into voltage signals to measure low and ultra-low frequency motion
  • Low noise
  • Sensitivity and offset stable over wide temperature range
  • Available in uniaxial and triaxial configuration 
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The 147A Low Noise model is +/- 4g full scale and provides excellent dynamic range which is useful when used with 24-bit digitizers like the Trimble REF TEK 130S Series Data Loggers and the 130-MC recorder. This accelerometer uses a state-of the-art force balance feedback technique to make up for the mechanical characteristic limitations of conventional accelerometers. Using a force balance feedback sensor overcomes the shortcomings of nonlinear distortion and threshold of sensitivity of elastic measuring parts.

The 147A's high sensitivity, large linear range, high resolution and high dynamic range makes it suitable for free field applications such as microzonation, site response, earthquake monitoring and more.

  • Free Field Reference
  • Building Arrays
  • Structural Monitoring
  • Site Response
  • Aftershock Studies