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Seismic Systems

Robust recording instruments and sensors to monitor the effects of seismic activity.

High Resolution Strong Motion Recorders

Trimble REF TEK 130-MC
Robust Multi-Channel Recorder designed around today's modern needs for civil engineering and structural monitoring with built-in communication facilities for real-time and on-demand data collection

Trimble REF TEK 130-SMHR
Combines the 130S-01 Broadband Seismic Recorder and an advanced low-noise Accelerometer, the 147A-01/3 to provide high dynamic range

High Resolution Accelerometer

Trimble REF TEK 147A
Strong Motion Accelerometer

High Resolution Seismic Recorders

Trimble REF TEK 130S-01
Digitizes and stores analog input from a variety of external sensors, including seismometers, accelerometers, tiltmeters and other geophysical sensors

Trimble REF TEK 130-REN
Designed to meet the key requirements for Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) Systems and Rapid Event Notification (REN) Systems

Broadband Seismometer "Observer"

Trimble REF TEK 151B Series
A force-balance feedback sensor with frequency bandwidths