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Trimble Workforce Management Reporting System


  • Use one central source of data to manage human resources information
  • More effective, company-wide approach to incident management and prevention
  • Automate delivery of monthly reports and periodic safety KPIs
  • Instant notification of high-impact incidents and risks
  • Integrate with Trimble MMRS Mine Management Reporting System
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WMRS™ is a mine information system designed to meet the needs of mining industry to better organize, store and retrieve information about the human resources employed throughout a company and to enhance company commitment to a safe and low risk environment for employees and contractors.

WMRS can be implemented at a mine site or at enterprise level to use and view company-wide data in a consolidated data warehouse. This allows the organization to drill down into business units, operations and time periods for a comprehensive view of standards and performance. Implementing WMRS is a low burden on local IT departments as the system is quick to set up and easy to maintain and support.

WMRS addresses key workforce management areas:

  • Safety and incident reporting
  • Safety KPI vs. target reporting
  • Hazard and risk management
  • Personnel, subcontractor and visitor information
  • Environmental, community and security incident reporting
  • Assigning and tracking management actions
  • Personnel training, competencies and permits
  • Personnel scheduling
  • Site access and evacuations
  • Surveys and tests

Trimble WMRS offers an expanding suite of modules, standard reports and custom report-building tools designed for scalability, flexibility and customization where needed. WMRS modules offer:

  • Validated data store
  • Automated routine reports
  • Manual data entry options

WMRS modules and reports are continuously developed to meet industry needs; contact Trimble Mining for the latest developments.

WMRS Modules:

Incident Event Management

Captures data related to safety incidents and events including assessment, investigation and sign-off processes to present a full and accurate record of injuries, near misses, hazards, audits and inspections. to executives, managers and personnel. All documents are stored in a secure online repository and version tracking so only accurate, up-to-date documents are used.

  • Safety reporting and statistics
  • Critical event automated notification
  • Incident process flow and follow up
  • Report subscription via email
  • Attached actions and comments reports and dashboards
  • Administration tools to control user menus, language, access and reference data

For Mine Information System software support, please contact:

Trimble Mining
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