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Trimble Process Management Reporting System


  • Use one central source of data to measure, manage and optimize process operations
  • Replace high-maintenance legacy spreadsheets
  • Automate routine reporting on stockpiles, metal balance and bulk material delivery
  • Create live diagrams to visualize processes
  • Integrate with Trimble MMRS to extend value of all data for model-to-mill reporting and analysis
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Trimble PMRS is a web-based data management and reporting system that can replace high-maintenance legacy spreadsheets with one trusted source of data to track performance of processing plants.

One Central Data Repository

Bring together data from disparate sources and third-party systems into one data warehouse for access by all stakeholders to more easily measure, manage and optimize processing operations in near real time.

Integrate Third-Party Information Sources

Acts as an integrating layer to bring together data from historian, SCADA, and manual data sources into a consistent data model with application of a consistent set of business rules and definitions. PMRS architecture separates data acquisition, data storage and reporting components to allow for the easy integration of data acquisition systems and manual recording systems.

Live Visualization of Processes

Create live diagrams to visualize processes and configure equipment or process hierarchy to represent the function process and requirements of the plant or data flow.

Use Data to Drive Better Decisions

By correlating key sources of raw data and applying business rules, validation and central  data warehousing, PMRS successfully transforms raw data into vital information to drive better business decisions.

PMRS Features

  • Powerful automated calculation engine
  • Flexible equipment or process hierarchy builder
  • Graphically represents process and plant flows

Trimble PMRS offers an expanding suite of modules, standard reports and custom report-building tools designed for scalability, flexibility and customization where needed. PMRS modules offer:

  • Interfaces to many SCADA and historian plant systems 
  • Validated data store
  • Automated routine reports
  • Manual data entry options
  • Core, common and custom reports

PMRS modules and reports are continuously developed to meet industry needs; contact Trimble Mining for the latest developments for surface and underground mining modules.

Process Performance Module

Captures, reports and analyzes processing data from historian, SCADA and manual data sources supported by a complete suite of reporting, graphing and interrogation tools used by the head office, business offices, mine management and plant management.

  • User-defined plant reporting tool
  • Plant flow diagraming tool
  • Plan and target entry and reporting
  • Quick view charting and data display tool
  • Measure calculator tool
  • Plant sample system and reporting
  • Interface to Trimble MMRS to track product and performance from block model to stockpiles

Metal Balance Module

Keeps a running tally of metal in the processing facility and allows for balance adjustment and monitoring. PMRS automates the routine balance reports and combines with other data sources for consolidated reporting used by senior executives, general managers, metallurgists, geologists and accountants,

  • Metal in circuit entry, calculation and reporting
  • Final product entry and reporting

Bulk Material Delivery Module

Provides reports and flow diagrams to provide the most current picture to senior executives, general managers, metallurgists and geologists. Well suited to iron ore, coal and large tonnage commodities, but can be utilized in many other bulk commodities.

  • Suited to bulk material handing
  • Manual entry of crushing and processing material movement and equipment time data
  • Material movement flow diagrams
  • Manual entry of rail movement and time data
  • Manual entry of port material movement and equipment time data
  • Manual entry of ship loading data
  • Product delivery stockpile balance calculations
  • Product delivery summary and detailed reporting

Delay Accounting Module

Interrogates and reports plant delays by capturing both stoppages and slow running events. Accounts for delays in terms of lost time, lost production tonnes and lost revenue to process managers, maintenance managers, and metallurgists.

Plans & Budgets Module

This is a highly customized module provides a validated data store for all budget, plan and target process operations data. The system interfaces to many planning packages including Excel. Manual entry is available for budget and plan data sets.

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