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Trimble Open Pit Design


  • Reduces pit design time by up to 80%
  • Rapidly delivers multiple designs for options analysis
  • Requires minimal training
  • Entry-level engineers can produce designs
  • Frees up senior engineers for high-level design analytics
  • Delivers true optimization analysis
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Trimble Open Pit Design software provides advanced editing capabilities to design pits, benches, roads and ramps faster and easier and generates multiple designs quickly for options analysis.

Dynamic editing allows for fast manipulation of pit design and reduces design time significantly. Parameters can be changed easily for fast configuration and reconfiguration to consider various approaches to pit shape, bench sizes, and road and ramp locations. Mine engineers can quickly and easily produce alternate designs for pit expansion used for analysis and optimization.

The user-friendly interface and simplified menus require minimal training.

The software uses standard industry geological data from economic shells and block models along with user-defined design parameters, including bench and road criteria, to produce optimized designs.


  • User-friendly interface without complex menus
  • Advanced editing capabilities to design pits, benches, roads and ramps
  • Auto berm width adjustment in the designs
  • Auto healing when changes are made or ramps added
  • Ability to train new users quickly
  • Dynamic editing capabilities
  • Direct SketchUp interaction

Fast Reconfiguration  - Mine engineers can redefine parameters to produce multiple designs for pushbacks, allowing for analysis of alternative approaches for optimizing pit expansion plans.

Optimal Designs - Poor pit design can have serious consequences for efficiency, cost over-runs, and future mine development. Critical time constraints combined with a limited workforce can result in less than optimal design. Trimble Open Pit Design software generates dynamic results for faster pit configuration design so mine engineers can spend more time on options analysis to create the best possible design.

Efficient Use of Employee Resources - The user-friendly interface and simplified menus require minimal training. Junior mine engineers can be productive and gain experience in pit design, allowing senior mine engineers to focus on options analysis.  Speed combined with ease of use helps to allocate the workforce skill set more efficiently

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