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Trimble Mine Management Reporting System


  • Improve confidence in decisions by using one source of production data
  • Analyze variance from plan faster
  • Increase optimization by exposing buried data to analysis
  • Benchmark performance across business units using corporate dashboards
  • Keep deployed systems with agnostic approach to data acquisition and integration
  • Prioritize implementation with flexible modules
  • More than 100 standard reports and custom report-building tools
  • Developed for mining with both surface and underground mining modules
  • Proven in more than 50 implementations worldwide
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Trimble MMRS is a mine performance reporting system that integrates production data from disparate sources into one trusted, central source of information used throughout operations and business offices.

Use One Trusted Source of Production Data

Eliminate data silos by integrating production data into a central data management and reporting system. MMRS applies processes, software and a data hub to:

  • Validate data from disparate sources
  • Integrate the data
  • Transform data into useable information
  • Expose data for correlation and analysis

Detect, Analyze and React Faster to Variance from Plan

Automated monitoring and reporting of actual vs. plan helps mines to identify, analyze and react faster to exceptions:

  • Reduce reporting time by replacing manual report roll-up with automated reporting of validated and trusted data
  • Shorten reaction times with rapid modeling, options analysis, cost scenarios, and predictive analysis
  • Unlock data to interrogation, correlation and analysis to make incremental productivity gains

Corporate Dashboards for Enterprise Use

Gain clarity and insight into performance, trends and exceptions across business units by using corporate dashboards:

  • View KPI variance scorecards for on track/off track status across multiple remote sites
  • Benchmark performance across business units
  • Drill down for direct access to detailed production data

Agnostic to Source Information System

Trimble MMRS is agnostic to information source, harvesting data from Trimble and third-party applications so mines can use their existing operational systems to contribute to the integrated solution.

Proven Worldwide

More than 50 successful implementations worldwide have integrated data from Trimble and third-party remote sensors, fleet management and mine monitoring systems, plant control systems and ERPs. Clients include Rio Tinto, AngloGold Ashanti, Anglo American, Barrick Gold, Kinross, KGHM and Cloud Peak Energy.

MMRS Features

  • Applies business rules, strict data validation and cleansing to enhance the use of data acquisition systems deployed onsite
  • Interfaces to industry standard, real-time and manual data acquisition systems
  • Implemented with MISWeb, a scalable, web-based portal to data, applications and analytics
  • Expanding suite of MMRS modules, more than 100 standard reports and custom reports to provide flexibility for implementation and expansion
  • Integrates with Trimble PMRS Process Management Reporting System for a complete view of operations from resource modeling through processing

Trimble MMRS offers an expanding suite of modules, more than 100 standard reports and custom report-building tools designed for scalability, flexibility and customization where needed. All MMRS modules provide:

  • Surface mining or underground mining versions
  • Validated data store
  • Automated routine reports
  • Manual data entry options
  • Core, common and custom reports

MMRS modules and reports are continuously developed to meet industry needs; contact Trimble Mining for the latest developments for surface and underground mining modules.

Geology Module

Consolidates and automates routine mine geology reports used by mine managers, mine production engineers and geologists.

  • Grade and ore reporting and comparison to plans
  • Movements with missing grades highlighted
  • Mill–mine reconciliation
  • Reserve–mine reconciliation
  • Location, material and ore type with grade reporting
  • Feeds tonnage and grade data to the Product Tracking module
  • Interfaces to grade control packages
  • Drill into the grade and ore data to its most granular level

Drill & Blast Module

Collects and reports all time and movement data for drill and blast processes used by mine managers, mine production managers, drill & blast managers and operators.

  • Interfaces to most common automated drill systems
  • Drilling reporting and comparison to plans
  • Explosives and accessory recording and reporting
  • Blast design and summary data recording and reporting
  • Blast monitoring data recording and reporting
  • Drill equipment time reporting and interrogation
  • Drilling accuracy report including 3D detailed display
  • Drilled and broken stocks recording and reporting
  • Interfaces to many drill management systems and business rules to improve the data
  • Analyze drill, blast and time data to its most granular level
  • Add comments on reports and attach actions

Production Module

Collects and reports all time and movement data used by managers throughout mine operations, mine planning and business offices.

  • Interfaces to most common fleet management systems
  • Mine movement reporting and comparison to plans
  • Mine equipment time reporting, KPIs and interrogation
  • Payload, distance, operator, location, material, ore type and grade reporting
  • Short-term interval control reporting
  • Numerous summarized and detailed reports out of the box
  • Drill down into the production and time data to its most granular level
  • Add comments on reports and attach actions

Product Tracking Module

Tracks movement and grade data to create an ongoing estimate of the tonnes and grades on all stockpiles within the process. The system keeps the original mine block estimate through the flow. Product Tracking reports and analysis are used by senior executives, general managers, metallurgists, geologists, business improvement and IT managers and accountants.

  • Original mine block tracking through the mining process
  • Stockpile balance with FIFO, FILO and WA calculations for grades
  • Stockpile survey tool
  • Stockpile reporting and stockpile component reporting

Corporate Reporting Extension

Business units and the head office can view if sites are on or off their targets, compare performance across sites and drill down to performance details using KPI scorecards.

  • Automated summary of key metrics of multiple sites in one place
  • Ability to have workflow and submission of summary metrics
  • Actual, target and variance by site of ore mined
  • Daily mine production summary statistics by site
  • Mine site daily report for summary statistics from mining, processing, and HME utilization
  • Equipment time key statistics by site

Heavy Mobile Equipment Maintenance Assist Module

Provides reports and analysis of HME maintenance time and consumables to maintenance managers, mine production engineers, mine maintenance engineers, business improvement and IT managers.

  • Interfaces to common machine health solutions
  • Interfaces to most fleet management systems and applies business rules to improve the maintenance data
  • Manual entry available for mining maintenance data sets including consumables and accidents 
  • Mine maintenance reporting and comparison to plans
  • Maintenance consumable reporting and comparison to production and time
  • Mine equipment time reporting, KPIs and interrogation
  • Machine health reporting and graphing
  • On-board machine sensor reliability reporting
  • Drill into the maintenance event and time data to its most granular level

Fuel Management Module

Collects and stores all the mining fuel data for the operation. Maintenance managers and mine maintenance engineers use reporting and analysis tools for fuel data and to compare with other operational data.

  • Interfaces to many fuel management systems
  • Fuel reporting and comparison to equipment hours, loads and distances
  • Fuel balance calculations and reporting if delivery, usage and dip data are entered
  • Fuel costing

End of Month Survey Module

Allows mine production managers and surveyors to enter EOM mine survey by mine or bench with configuration option for other combinations. The system then stores a factor against all ex-mine movement and allows reporting to be survey adjusted.

  • Survey factoring of mine movements for EOM reporting
  • Comparison reporting to survey, truck factor and payload
  • Trending of survey factors for control analysis
  • Manual entry of mine survey by pit, bench, stope or level
  • No change to raw data, surveys stored as a factor on each relevant cycle
  • Manual entry of stockpile surveys and comments

End of Period Reconciliation Module

Minimizes EOP tasks by providing ore and grade reconciliation for comparing tonnage and grade predicted by geology to plant receipts for mine to mill reporting.

  • Crusher mine feed-process results reporting for tonnage and grade
  • Ex mine-process results reporting and factoring
  • Block model-mine-process results reporting and factoring

Costing Module

Load actual costs from a general ledger to compare with physical KPIs for analysis by senior executives, general managers, mine managers, mine production engineers and accountants.

  • Actual and budget cost loading and comparison to actuals through a defined format upload
  • Cost per tonne and cost per pit reporting
  • Activity based costing process to relate costs to actual mining activities

Plans & Budgets Module

This is highly customized module provides a validated data store for all budget, plan and target mining data. The system interfaces to many planning packages including Excel. Manual entry is available for budget and plan data sets. The resulting reports are used by mine schedulers and planners to compare plans and budgets.

PMRS Interface Module

Extracts, aggregates and imports plant data from HMI (SCADA) systems and plant downtime logging systems for use with MMRS reporting and analysis.

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