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Trimble Forestry offers a variety of mobile applications that address the needs of forest managers around the world. Trimble Forestry's Smartphone applications ensures foresters have the right tools for the job and the applications match the exact requirements of the tasks at hand.  The applications validate the field data before it gets uploaded to the enterprise, and automates the data exchange process for you so you don't have to.  

Bring your own device - whether the requirement is for a simple field inspection, mobile GIS, survey, field audit or formula driven tree measurement.

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  • Load Management

  • Harvest Inspections

  • Quality Management

  • Log Volume Measurement

  • Standing Timber Measurement

4Loads™ is a mobile ticketing solution that simplifies the creation, access and sharing of harvested timber data for loggers, foresters and haulers. The solution provides forestry workers a simple way to enter and manage load data that eliminates manual tracking, provides instant access to the data online, and reduces time to summarize load financial information. Harvest operators enter load data on their iOS or Android mobile devices in the field, which automatically synchronizes with the Trimble mobile cloud service for timely access to data via the Trimble Forestry Mobile Website.

Forestry stakeholders can log into the mobile site to view data, run reports and customize mobile form menus. 4Loads provides real-time access to harvest load data that historically has been captured via slower manual processes that can take weeks or months to produce data. This real-time insight into remote operations can shorten reconciliation cycles and provide clear load traceability.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve timber security.  Follow your timber through the supply chain to the mill 
  • Know when, where and what was delivered
  • Determine cash flow from amount of timber removals
  • Ensure proper payments from timber harvesting company
  • Compare actual removals to forecasted removals
  • Real-time feedback on delivered loads
  • Quickly monitor weights of loads delivered
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry improving accuracy and timeliness
  • Eliminate risk of lost tickets; get paid for EVERY LOAD!
  • Centrally access all load tickets and scaled load data
  • Get near real-time load sheets
  • Quicker reconciliation of delivered mill receipts

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Harvest field inspections and audits can be quickly performed, anytime, anywhere regardless of an internet connection.  Synchronization and data validation with the Enterprise automatically takes place once an internet connection is available. Photos, images, RFID and barcodes can be safely stored with the inspection for compliance and best management practices.  Inspections forms can can be forwarded to selected individuals for approval or action.

Key Features:
  • Generates work orders
  • Standardize inspection, audit practices and track asset related data
  • Monitors the progress of work 
  • Triggers action plans and priorities
  • Spatial awareness and edit 
  • Synchronization with the Enterprise

Quality improvements can impact your bottom line.  Our simple quality management app is designed to address rigorous data collection and analysis for the monitoring of field work, the identification of issues and the actions required to improve quality and productivity and to demonstrate responsible forest management.

Key Features:

  • Real-time, on-the-spot quality control 
  • Data checks and validations for immediate feedback
  • Monitors the progress of work 
  • Triggers action plans and priorities
  • Spatial awareness and edit 
  • Synchronization with the Enterprise

The Stack app immediately calculates the volume and diameter distribution of any wood pile from images taken from your smartphone or tablet.   The application can quickly measure logpiles, energy wood in terminals, truck loads and roadside.

Key Benefits:

  • Detailed results are available in mobile and cloud
  • Significantly higher efficiency in data collection compared to traditional relascope measurement
  • Fully documented work (locations, samples, times etc.)
  • Automated, digital data handling
  • Automated calculation and reporting
  • Less dependent on the operator

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The Forest Inventory app is an accurate tool for measuring standing timber from images taken from your smartphone or tablet.  Photos are transferred to the cloud for width, height and species analysis.

Key Features:

  • Forest asset due diligence, valuation and supply strategies
  • Average measuring speed is under 5 minutes per hectare
  • Each measuring session and data results are stored to the cloud for further analysis
  • Calculation results and accuracy can be followed in real time on the mobile device
  • The data can be viewed, printed or imported to the Enterprise 

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