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Mobile GIS technology extends your forestry specific GIS and media enriched location information to the field for accurate, real-time business decisions.  Trimble Forestry's Mobile GIS tools allow for the capture, view, edit, sharing and synchronization of your data in the field without worrying about an internet connection.

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  • Terrain Navigator Pro

  • SOLO Forest

  • SOLO 360

  • SOLO Office Forestry Edition

Terrain Navigator Pro provides a cost effective and easy to use solution for timber procurement and management foresters who want to save time and increase timber cruise accuracy. Foresters can stratify timber types readily and calculate timber acreage on the TNP desktop. The add on Parcel Data subscription enables foresters to take the perimeter of a parcel of land and using project synchronization display that tract boundary using TNP mobile on either an iPhone or Android device which is beneficial for locating property lines and section corners while in the field. The TNP mobile app can be used with or without cellular coverage. Foresters can preload the mobile device with topo and aerial photos for use with or without cellular coverage in the field. Prescribed burn tracts that are mapped on the TNP desktop can be synchronized with the TNP mobile app to assist in following burn perimeters accurately when establishing fire lanes. 

The TNP mobile app is a robust data collector for markers, routes and tracks as well as pictures and videos taken in the field. When the mobile device comes into cellular coverage, the information will be displayed on the TNP desktop and the TNP web. Other app features include: compass and geo-information such as latitude/longitude, elevation and direction.

Key Features:

  • Maps plus polygon tool for acreage calculation
  • Route or track tools to create tract boundaries
  • Project synchronization via the cloud to quickly locate section corners and property lines while out in the field
  • Ability to import and export shapefiles with TNP desktop
  • Ability to export maps as PDFs to give to landowners detailing work to be done and for Timber Contracts
  • Access your TNP projects anywhere you have Internet access
  • Separate Parcel Data subscription to look at land owners name, address and property lines 

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SOLO Forest is the GIS mapping software designed specifically for forestry applications. It combines the proven flexibility of SOLO Field software with a streamlined interface that makes it easy to access the functions you use most.  You'll find SOLO Forest is easy to use because it incorporates the features, functions, and terminology you already use. A handy forestry toolbar gives you easy access to commonly used forestry functions and map features. You can also customize toolbars for easy access to your favorite functions.

With SOLO Forest, you can make sure your field work is complete while you're still in the field. It can interface with forest inventory software and open a form as you navigate to each sample plot. Once you've visited a plot, the point symbol changes, so it's easy to verify you've visited all the sample plots in the stand.  SOLO Forest lets you generate custom grids in the field. That means that you can adjust for topography or other adverse conditions when you're in the field. You can generate grids in a square, rectangular, or hexagonal patterns, and SOLO Forest gives you the flexible options for ordering index points.

SOLO Forest supports a variety of instrumentation and works in most common file formats. SOLO Forest works on Windows Mobile 6.x, WEHH 6.5 and Windows 7.  It's ideal for the Trimble Forestry Juno T41, Geo7, Nomad, Ranger, and Yuma rugged handheld devices.  SOLO Forest is now available in German, French and Korean languages. SOLO Forest continues to be the choice of forestry professionals around the world for complex spatial mapping capabilities and industry specific workflows which drive efficiency and data quality.

SOLO Forest Grid   SOLO Forest Acres

Key Features:

  • Advanced spatial data collection workflows optimized for efficiency in the forest
  • Grid generation tools for laying out inventory plots on your handheld
  • Collect positions with manual, laser, GNSS input or a combination of these
  • Powerful tools for critical distance and area measurements
  • Data collection or data maintenance workflows supported with SOLO 360

SOLO Forest Datasheet

Trimble Forestry's SOLO 360 is a check-out/check-in extension toolbar for ESRI ArcGIS.

Foresters and field data professionals now have a way to easily check data out of ESRI ArcGIS for in-field inspections, maintenance, or new data collection, using rules and schemas which comply with existing business rules and feature definitions. SOLO 360 is an extension toolbar that provides a check-out tool for taking data to the field and a check-in tool that allows you to verify and accept any changes made in the field. Also, there is a tool to create a geodatabase based on data collection rules and parameters defined in the Feature Code files used in SOLO for field data collection. SOLO 360 is a must have toolbar for ESRI ArcGIS whether you have multiple GIS users accessing data via ArcSDE or if you are just getting your feet wet with GIS data collection and management.

SOLO 360

SOLO 360 Datasheet

SOLO Office – Forest Edition is the office software companion product for SOLO Forest. SOLO Office – Forest Edition is also designed to serve as a project management tool to assist with deploying needed work to the field via SOLO Forest.

Key Features:

  • Creating custom Feature Files to use as field data collection templates
  • Creating custom Zone files to project your collected data in real time
  • Preparing basemaps and raster images for field use
  • Creating Waypoint files for navigation
  • Transferring files between your data collector and your desktop PC
  • Viewing and editing collected data, basemaps and raster images
  • Printing your projects
  • Exporting data in several GIS and CAD formats