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Smarter Wood Logistics

Total delivered fibre costs are a significant percentage of the overall forestry supply chain business, due largely to seasonal impacts on operability, fibre accessibility, transportation and backhaul inefficiencies. Trimble Forestry's solutions and management services bring order and transparency to fragmented wood supply and transport operations.

  • LogForce

  • WSX Logistics

  • 4Loads

LogForce is a SaaS solution that covers all planning and vehicle software needed by a haulage contractor. With the help of the service, a transport company can offer its services to several forestry companies using one information system.
The LogForce solution consists of the LogForce Drive and LogForce Planning applications.  Forest companies are able to send information such as transportation orders, carriage lists and and departure storages with the Planning application. Transportation companies can send schedules, resources and load feedback all via papinet.   The LogForce Drive mobile application provides the truck driver with an easy to use interface for the management of delivered loads.  Bundle layouts, estimation of arrival times to the mill and rate factors can also be efficiently managed.

Key Benefits:

  • Federated management planning
  • Transport order handling from the forest company
  • Transport planning and scheduling
  • Stock management
  • In truck map functionality (on/off line)
  • Load and delivery execution
  • Delivery point information (receiving times)
  • Messaging functionality
  • Rail car management and planning

WSX is a dedicated log supply plan execution and dispatch system, designed specifically to manage the execution of weekly log supply plans and provide stakeholders with all the key information necessary for responsive scheduling in a dynamic log supply chain.  The forestry operating environment is typified by remote sites, rugged conditions and a production process that can be highly uncertain.  WSX is uniquely proven in providing the visibility required to manage log supply and distribution in the forestry environment.


Key Benefits:

  • Increase fleet capacity and reduce fleet mileage
  • Counter rising transportation costs
  • Quick access to all trucks, crews, loaders and customers
  • Control customer delivery by order in real-time
  • Maximize loaded running, minimize empty running, minimize downtime at uplift and delivery points 
  • Track and report on truck utilisation by haulier or individual truck
  • Maintain record of truck capabilities and availability
  • Tare management facility 
  • Overload reporting
  • Event logging & downtime reporting
  • In-cab messaging
  • Voiceless dispatch & GPS tracking
  • Web access for all stakeholders to view current events as they happen, along with all historical events

4Loads™ is a mobile ticketing solution that simplifies the creation, access and sharing of harvested timber data for loggers, foresters and haulers. The solution provides forestry workers a simple way to enter and manage load data that eliminates manual tracking, provides instant access to the data online, and reduces time to summarize load financial information.

Harvest operators enter load data on their iOS or Android mobile devices in the field, which automatically synchronizes with the Trimble mobile cloud service for timely access to data via the Trimble Forestry Mobile Website. Forestry stakeholders can log into the mobile site to view data, run reports and customize mobile form menus. 4Loads provides real-time access to harvest load data that historically has been captured via slower manual processes that can take weeks or months to produce data. This real-time insight into remote operations can shorten reconciliation cycles and provide clear load traceability.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve timber security.  Follow your timber through the supply chain to the mill 
  • Know when, where and what was delivered
  • Determine cash flow from amount of timber removals
  • Ensure proper payments from timber harvesting company
  • Compare actual removals to forecasted removals
  • Real-time feedback on delivered loads
  • Quickly monitor weights of loads delivered
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry improving accuracy and timeliness
  • Eliminate risk of lost tickets; get paid for EVERY LOAD!
  • Centrally access all load tickets and scaled load data
  • Get near real-time load sheets
  • Quicker reconciliation of delivered mill receipts

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