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Intelligent Harvest Planning

Balancing costs with the value of the timber product produced, requires advanced harvest and processing technology, efficient transportation systems, real-time inventory control and accurate workforce scheduling and planning.  Our harvest planning and control solutions deliver improvements in operational costs, real-time productive capacity, logistics efficiency and collaboration between forest companies and contractors.

  • WoodForce

  • WSX Logistics

Woodforce is a planning and operations control system for harvesting operations and forestry services to increase supply chain productivity. The technology manages the full lifecycle of the resource, applying intelligent, real-time logistics to harvest planning.  The WoodForce service connects harvesters with inventory locations to help ensure better visibility into forest operations.  


Woodforce enables contractors to work for several forestry companies using one common solution. The service works connected or disconnected and consists of a web-based planning application, a mobile app for field operations and an on-board harvester application.

Facilitates the planning and management of harvesting and forwarding as well as worksite navigation and quality audits. Automated work planning takes into account the harvest period and the environmental and occupational safety aspects.  The Service utilizes the latest StanForD standards to transmit information to key stakeholders.

Key Benefits:

Forest Companies: 

  • Decreased harvesting costs
  • Opportunity to work for several forestry companies
  • Smaller working area
  • Larger cutting sites and cutting site clusters
  • Harmonized processes.  No need for company specific devices, applications or training
  • Spend less time measuring and reporting
Field Crews:
  • Less manual reporting
  • Worksite navigation
  • Better communications and safety based on online messaging
  • Work security notices

Intelligent and efficient harvest planning is an essential tool that can be utilized by timber companies to maximize efficiencies and make proactive changes.  Efficient transportation systems, real-time inventory control and accurate workforce scheduling are some of the components that contribute to intelligent and effective harvest planning.  Trimble Forestry's solutions provide a number of tools that can drive improvements within the harvest planning sector insuring our clients remain competitive.

Having complete end-to-end visibility of the timber supply chain in real time enables timber companies to make timely decisions based on real data.  WSX tracks the timber supply through all four phases:  forecasts, production, uplift, and final delivery giving the forest company that essential visibility.  Using the visibility and the available support services, our clients can effectively and intelligently manage various aspects of the harvesting process.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase fleet capacity and reduce fleet mileage
  • Counter rising transportation costs
  • Collaboratively maximise productivity between multiple central dispatch operations
  • More accurate and complete log/load data, productivity metrics and analysis with real time tracking and voiceless dispatch  
  • Real time monitoring of harvesting production versus forecast
  • Real time monitoring or uplift versus target 
  • Tracking production to an operation, contractor, harvesting crew, woodtype or wood group level
  • Data can be made available to all stakeholders via web 
  • Ability for harvesting contractors to enter production estimates via the website, where implemented by forest owner