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Fibre Procurement

Flexible Fibre/Wood Procurement

When companies have a variety of contracts to manage, ensuring payments are accurate and timely is a constant challenge. Further complicating the payment process are the myriad of rate rules and pay instructions, such as advances, holdbacks and adjustments, which are an integral part of the financial process in forestry.  Managing all of this payment information along with the necessary vendor information and then integrating all of this data with the enterprise financial system is a time-consuming but mission-critical component of any solid business application. Business Resource Manager simplifies the procurement process by streamlining contract creation and vendor payment. 

  • Contractor

The Contractor solution easily creates and manages contracts for activities related to forest planning, forest operations, biomass, wood supply and wood procurement to ensure obligations are met and the legal requirements are in place.  Contractor manages service, purchase and sales contracts for all forestry activities associated with fibre/wood procurement, timber harvesting, timber sales/trading, silviculture and roads.

Key Features:

  • Manages and maintains all vendor/party information like contact details, WCB and insurance status and training certification
  • Flexible rate rules and rate hierarchy to control payment amounts and timing, as well as handling advances, holdbacks, bonuses and retroactive pay adjustments
  • Simplifies inventory movement and management
  • Tracks haulers, trucks and assignments to operating locations in the woods
  • Manages in-woods locations to track appraisal and depletion information
  • Creates payments for silviculture and other activities
  • Integrates planned and actual activities and costs with the contract
  • Supports General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable transactions
  • Easily integrates with our mobile solutions for remote contract management and approval