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Business Resource Manager

Simplified Financial Data

Trimble Forestry's Business Resource Manager (BRM) solution automates manual business processes and provides better control of cost and inventory for your operations.

  • Scaler/Tester

  • Settlements

  • Inventory Management

  • Revenue Management

  • Accruals Management

The Scaler solution tracks all aspects of the wood delivery process (inbound and outbound) by contract, contractor, hauler, landowner and source location.  Scaler supports the capture, automation and live integration of scale data, including load data, load tickets/dockets with contracts and quality information.

Users have the ability to trace a load back to its original location, ensure deliveries are assigned to the correct contract, verify the quality of the load, receive notification of contractor compliance, manage approval workflows and create an audit trail of delivery information.

Key Features:

  • Unattended & Attended scale/weigh bridge control
  • Real-time depletion tracking and inventory update
  • Quality testing & sampling
  • Validates deliveries against contract information
  • Manage deliveries/load rejections
  • Print paper tickets/dockets or electronically deliver load information
  • Interface with scale hardware to populate truck weights automatically
  • Synchronization with  the Settlements module for automatic contactor payment
  • Capture other product types including outbound sales of finished products and inbound materials
  • Use flexible edit rules to validate contract information in load ticket entry
  • Includes manual capture capabilities of scale information for input or load ticket editing
  • Receive notification of over weights based on the business rules for trailer configuration and season
  • Ability to customize load ticket printout with capability to re-print old tickets
  • Uses auditing features to track changes to load ticket information

The Settlements solution facilitates the critical process of contractor payment within the raw materials supply chain.  The solution automatically aligns load information with the contract specifics (rates & test quality data) to calculate payments, advances, repayments, stumpage, manage retroactive adjustments, holdbacks and penalties necessary for the preparation, creation and delivery of detailed, accurate statements.

Key Features:

  • Flexible rate rules
  • Calculate and verify payments/receivables before posting
  • Perform a range of calculations, from single contractor payments to full “batch” settlements
  • Produce cheque requisition and other postings
  • Perform powerful queries of pay history to the individual ticket level
  • Manage automatic retroactive payment adjustments, holdbacks, adjustments, guarantees, weight penalties and retro-pay calculations
  • Flexible assignment of GL codes
  • Full pay history for payee, statement and individual line items
  • Ability to customize vendor and customer statements produced by system with batch printing capabilities
  • Integration with corporate financial and ERP systems

To control costs, you must manage yard inventories so that you store very little excess beyond the wood that meets demand.  Knowing how much wood is in the inventory and mill consumption at each storage location is a large part of this management process.   You can view and manage all storage facility locations with the Yard Inventory management solution. 

Yard Inventory is managed as lots, which are specific amounts of product that can be uniquely tracked through the supply chain. Yard Inventory offers a variety of features that give you control over the amounts, location, transfer and ownership of lots.  In addition to managing the amount and location of a lot, the Yard Inventory solution has the ability to view and update the attributes and characteristics of a lot.

Key Features:

  • Create, manage and delete facilities and storage locations and relation information
  • Manage inventory lots throughout the supply chain and track the amount, ownership and location of data
  • View and edit the attributes of products and inventory lots from within the Inventory Manager application
  • Sophisticated reporting for up to the minute inventories within the supply chain

The Revenue Management Module enables users to enter and process incoming cheques or deposit receipts from customer payments for external wood deliveries. It allows cash receipts to be recorded and then matched up with the financial transactions generated by the Settlements Module with the appropriate transaction details – right down to individual scale tickets if required.

Revenue adjustments and carry forward balances can be created to deal with reconciliation issues such as underpayment. All the transaction information can be synchronized with external accounting systems for use in updating the corporate General Ledger.

Key Benefits:

Secure environment for deposit tracking, allocation by customer, deposit voiding/adjustments, carry forward balances, reporting and auditing

The Accruals Module uses existing in-process system information to generate journal entries to handle month-end accruals. Users are able to view information in the system and make any required changes prior to posting to the financial system.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides a secure environment for entering and adjusting accruals
  • Provides a rich audit trail of transactions (name and date)
  • Easily track and report on previous data records, new data and deleted transactions