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Work Management

Get complete visibility of your mobile workforce

Trimble Work Management is a cloud-based solution that transforms the productivity of your mobile workforce through intelligent scheduling tools, mobile apps and state-of-the-art performance analytics.

Boost productivity with optimized scheduling

If you manage a mobile workforce, Work Management can streamline your field service workflow. It automatically builds efficient schedules for all work in a matter of minutes. Throughout the day, you can stay on top of your progress with real-time alerts and visibility tools to optimize travel, overtime and jobs completed. At the end of the day, receive easily digestible dashboards and reports, containing performance metrics, to show where you can improve your field service operations. 

Work Management also includes our FieldMaster suite of apps to ensure that the back office is fully connected with mobile workers in the field and information can be viewed and shared seamlessly.

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  • Intelligent Schedule - Creates daily schedules for all your jobs in a matter of minutes
  • Live Map - Offers real-time visibility of worker location and in-day job status
  • Remote Dispatch - Dispatches optimized work with associated parts to a mobile worker's smart device
  • Intelligent Advisor - Warns of tasks at risk and recommends reallocation options based on status, time and travel
  • FieldMaster Mobile Apps - Allow the viewing, updating and capturing of job information while in the field
  • Performance Management Analytics - Shows performance data and metrics for individuals, teams and regions

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  • Maximizes worker and equipment efficiency to complete more jobs per day
  • Increases customer satisfaction with better real-time information for faster response times
  • Optimizes resources to ensure customer commitments are met
  • Groups work to complete planned maintenance jobs at the lowest cost
  • Provides easy-to-understand reports to identify problem and best practice areas
  • Improves first-time fix rates by empowering mobile workers with all the information needed onsite
  • Gives customers choice and flexibility on appointments while letting the business manage capacity
  • Helps dispatchers assign the best resource for incoming tasks to minimize impact

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Work Management offers greater efficiencies and enhanced productivity to those managing a mobile workforce. You'll get complete visibility and control over your entire workflow, from work schedules, customer appointments and parts to customer signatures and issue resolution.


Work Management Workflow

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Trimble Work Management Standard - Simple drag and drop scheduling along with Performance Management Analytics.


Perfect for those with straight forward scheduling needs or smaller workforces, Work Management Standard offers simple, easy-to-use scheduling capabilities, coupled with full metrics allowing you to see how your field service operation is performing.


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Trimble Work Management Professional - Enhanced scheduling and optimization along with Performance Management Analytics.


For those with more complex scheduling needs, Work Management Professional offers everything from our standard package with an enhanced range of dynamic scheduling tools. These enable you to better plan, monitor and manage the execution of the workday in real-time, automating the efficient utilization of the mobile workforce.


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Feature Matrix


Work Management
  Work Management Standard*
Work Management Professional*
Drag and drop work assignment
Yes Yes
Optimized dynamic scheduler

Work dispatch
Appointment and equipment booking Yes Yes
Live schedule and work status
Yes Yes
Map view
Yes Yes
Site history records
Yes Yes
Crew assignment
Yes Yes
In-day exception dashboard
Yes Yes
Intelligent advisor (advises task allocation impact)

Real-time alerts and notifications

Self Learner (learns preferred work areas and skills)

Performance management analytics
FieldVision (On-demand and scheduled reports)
Yes  Yes
Data integration
Yes Yes
FieldMaster mobile applications
Yes Yes

* Location information can be taken from Trimble in-vehicle hardware or a GPS enabled smart device

** Some capabilities are limited when using location information from a GPS enabled smart device

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 TVG 300*NEW
TVG 660
TVG 850
 Specification Sheet
Specification Sheet
Specification Sheet

TVG 300 Specification Sheet 

TVG 660 Specification Sheet 

TVG 850 Specification Sheet

*Please note the TVG 300 and TVG 850 are currently available in the US only 

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