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  • Increase your company's efficiency by completing more tasks per day with the same workforce.
  • Reduce vehicle mileage, fuel costs.
  • Help preserve the environment by shrinking your carbon footprint.
  • Better customer communication.
  • Fewer return visits by getting the right worker to the right job at the right time.
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Trimble Taskforce allows your business to optimize, manage and communicate day-to-day activities with your mobile workforce using real-time data and scheduling automation. Building on patented technology, Taskforce enables your business to balance customer expectations with your company's needs, increasing customer satisfaction and delivering reliable and repeatable performance on a daily basis.

Taskforce offers the Intelligent Controller, a web-based user interface that enables users to improve field service by empowering field workers. The Intelligent Controller supports intelligent pick and place, allowing the user to pick a task. It then indicates to the user appropriate places to schedule the task, getting the right worker to the right job at the right time. Using the Intelligent Controller allows field workers to make smart decisions that enhance the customer's experience.

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  • Intelligent Controller with Interactive Features
  • Street Level Map Visualization
  • Ability to Integrate with GPS Tracking Solutions
  • Automatic Start of Day Schedule
  • Automatic Scheduling of Work
  • Create, View and Modify Resources
  • Field Configuration Tools
  • MIS Reporting
  • Support for Capacity Management and Appointment feasibility checking using the Capacity Controller
  • Define Work Domains from Pre-Defined Geographical Areas 

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