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Use mobility to share and collaborate in the field

On a day-to-day basis, a field service operation means managing many complex and inter-related issues in real-time. Mobile devices and apps connect field workers to the back-office, customers and equipment in real-time. If everyone has the most up to date information, it is easier to make the best decisions.

Trimble FieldMaster Mobile Solutions

Our FieldMaster suite of mobile applications is integrated with our Fleet Management, Work Management and Driver Safety solutions to help drive improved visibility and information sharing in the field. Apps today include FieldMaster Technician and FieldMaster Supervisor which provide user-specific features to allow both field workers and field managers to take their jobs mobile.

NEW FieldMaster Logs allows field service drivers to easily and accurately comply with Hours of Service and DVIR requirements. Why not find out more about how to keep your fleet compliant with HOS legislation? Download our new Q&A now.

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  • FieldMaster Technician

  • FieldMaster Supervisor

  • FieldMaster Logs

Empower your mobile workers to resolve issues on first-visit

Trimble FieldMaster Technician is a mobile application that empowers mobile workers with advanced collaboration tools and the ability to access and update information in real-time for improved effectiveness in the field.


FieldMaster Technician - the perfect app for mobile workers in the field

If you have mobile workers out on site performing both reactive and preventative jobs, it is vital they can view and share job information. Offering mobile workers the ability to access work at their fingertips on a smart device, FieldMaster Technician provides everything from location and job history, to the ability to capture parts and upload photos of completed work.


Available with: Fleet Management, Driver Safety, Work Management




  • Instantly receive and view dispatched work on a mobile device
  • View historical site information and previous job history
  • See crew members and required equipment for upcoming tasks
  • Attach photos, forms and customer signatures to a job while on site
  • Create and account for new or additional jobs carried out in the field
  • Locate nearby co-workers for assistance or find nearest depot/warehouse
  • Find the fastest route and navigate to key locations using maps and turn-by-turn directions
  • View mobile workers' real-time location using GPS
  • View driving performance based on weekly speeding, braking, acceleration and turning
  • Document hours worked on multi-day tasks and view task history by day
  • View parts and capture usage


  • Empowers mobile workers with all the information they need at the touch of a button
  • Provides ease of collaboration and communication between mobile workers and the back office
  • Ensures compliance of work performed
  • Allows mobile workers to better manage their time when in the field
  • Increases mobile worker productivity and effectiveness
  • Improves first time fix rates through improved job knowledge
  • Protects revenue by documenting additional work done on site

*Features dependent on solution taken

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Manage your mobile workers and field operation on the goNEW

Trimble FieldMaster Supervisor is a mobile application that provides real-time information to supervisors about their fleet, work and mobile worker status to help them manage their team and the workflow while out on the road.


When you manage field workers that you cannot see, it can be difficult to stay on top of what is happening. If you want to leave your desk and get out to see your team, you can worry that you are missing out on issues that may arise back at the office. With FieldMaster Supervisor, managers can manage and view their field operation from their smart device. They can see their team's location and job progress at the touch of a button and be alerted to any upcoming issues, managing them instantly.


Available with: Fleet Management, Driver Safety, Work Management




  • View individual team member's logs, their daily travelled path, the day's tasks and their performance history
  • Easily find nearest technician or key location
  • Add key locations while in the field
  • Inspect work, capture photos and document performance at the work site
  • Access real-time exception reports on key areas such as speeding, idling and unauthorized use of a vehicle
  • View jobs that have been dispatched to technicians as well as the status of each job


  • Empowers supervisors to spend time in the field inspecting job progress while managing their team remotely
  • Keeps supervisors fully informed about task progress, technician location and work performance allowing them to react if jobs are in jeopardy
  • Enables on-site auditing of performance and compliance to ensure service excellence
  • Allows the closest technician to be found if a task is at risk
  • Helps manage fuel costs and risky driving with pre-set alerts
  • Provides an easy to use management tool, downloadable to a tablet or smartphone

*Features dependent on solution taken

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Easy compliance with the latest Hours of Service (HOS) rulesNEW

Trimble FieldMaster Logs allows field service fleets to easily and accurately comply with Hours of Service regulations and document pre-and-post-trip vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) using electronic logging.


When you manage a fleet, it can be difficult to keep on top of the hours that your mobile workers spend driving. FieldMaster Logs ensures you remain compliant with FMCSA regulations with electronic reporting tools and real-time alerts when a driver is in danger of violating these laws.


Available with: Fleet Management




  • Real-time electronic record keeping of HOS/DVIR activities
  • Support for FMCSA 395.15 standards for monitoring Hours of Service
  • Support for FMCSA 396.11 standards for driver vehicle inspection record keeping
  • Automatic calculation of driver availability based on assigned rules
  • Easy access to drivers' duty status and driving history
  • Record storage in compliance with FMCSA requirements
  • Driver alerts to warn of possible violations
  • Advanced DVIR capability to confirm vehicle inspections


  • Reduce costly errors by automating entry, recording and completion of important information
  • Improve planning with back office visibility
  • Increase productivity by eliminating time-consuming manual logs
  • Increase profitability by mitigating non-compliance fines and penalties
  • Reduce audits with on-demand driving data and 12 months of archived reports
  • Increase accuracy with electronic filing
  • Accelerate and simplify inspection for compliance officials
  • Best-in-class user experience for logging Hours of Service
  • Provide peace of mind knowing compliance regulations have been met
  • Deliver best-in-class user experience for logging Hours of Service

We've compiled all you need to know to keep your fleet compliant in a handy Q&A - download it now.


Key Dates

The latest government mandate requires all fleets to move from paper HOS and DVIR logbooks to Electronic Logging Devices (ELD). Trimble FieldMaster Logs will be legal until 2019. Find out more on our ELD Mandate Hub.


ELD Mandate Dates 

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