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FSM Connect


  • Integrates disparate systems allowing greater levels of operational consistency, efficiency and quality
  • Allows full integration across an organization with a bidirectional flow of data
  • Eliminates human error by automating data exchange
  • Accommodates necessary changes easily due to system agility
  • Allows enhanced knowledge management throughout an organization


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Trimble Field Service Management Connect (FSM Connect) is a suite of web services and integration tools that allow the seamless sharing of data across an organization, allowing a single point of access for all your field service information. FSM Connect gives you the ability to configure and create applications unique to your company’s needs, which helps drive organizational efficiency enabled by accurate, real time information.

FSM Connect uses common web services APIs to instantly import and export data to and from disparate systems, allowing them to communicate seamlessly saving time and without errors that may occur from manual entry. 

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  • Access to the Developer’s Portal in a secure, web-based platform
  • Complete sandbox environment for writing and testing code
  • Supports publishing in multiple protocols, including REST
  • Standards-based web services implementation
  • Testing and certification for any application or integration created before implementation

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