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Driver Safety

Measure and monitor driver behavior to keep your mobile workers safe on the roads

Mobile workers and drivers face more risks, just by being out on the roads. Poor driving can mean more accidents, larger fuel bills, greater maintenance and repair costs along with high insurance premiums.

In addition, your employees' driving reflects on the reputation of your organization so ensuring that your vehicles are being driven in the right way is crucial.

Identify and train poor drivers to minimize risk

Trimble Driver Safety combines in-vehicle hardware with a range of real-time alerts, reports and dashboards about driver behavior that can be utilized by managers and the drivers themselves to improve safety out on the road.

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Trimble Driver Safety has a range of features to help inform managers and the drivers themselves about driving style and where improvements can be made. You can set the acceptable parameters of safe driving within your business, then Driver Safety shows how teams and individuals are adhering to those set benchmarks and scores drivers based on their performance.



Driver Safety reports are key in identifying poor driver style and the greatest risk areas within the fleet. Reports can be automatically scheduled to show a range of metrics and can be sent to the fleet or safety departments to help track trends and monitor poor drivers. In addition, real-time alerts allow you to immediately highlight any issues and react to put it right as quickly as possible.


Driver Safety reporting includes:


  • Driver Safety Console to give a quick overview of driver safety scores
  • Driver Scorecards to help evaluate overall driving skills
  • Map to display where harsh maneuvers took place
  • Exception Reports that capture speeding and maneuvering events, as well as non-conformance to company targets, in real-time
  • Carbon Reports to record fleet carbon emission data and CO2 output


In-Vehicle Hardware

Driver Safety optional in-vehicle hardware provides the driver with instant feedback about their driving behavior so they can make immediate changes. A range of traffic light signals, in red, amber and green, let a driver know in real-time if their driving style falls below the accepted parameters set by the company so they can instantly mitigate any unsafe driving. Over time, this helps them learn better driving techniques and helps ensure you save fuel, have safer drivers and protect your company's reputation.


Mobile App NEW

As part of the FieldMaster Technician mobile application, that comes as standard with Trimble Driver Safety, drivers can now view their driving behavior information on their smart device. This helps them to see where improvements can be made and how they are ranked against their team in terms of safe driving.


Drivers will have access to:


  • Driver Scorecards for braking, acceleration, speeding and turning
  • Overall safety scores for the last 7 days
  • Their Scorecard ranking within the team
  • Average team scores
  • Total number of acceptable, moderate and hard maneuvers
  • A daily driver safety tip

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  • Reduces accidents and improves employee safety out on the road
  • Improves public image by promoting a safe driving culture
  • Increases fuel savings through improved driver behavior
  • Improves productivity through better vehicle uptime
  • Reduces operational costs by lowering fuel use and repair bills
  • Improves driver compliance using driver-style feedback

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Trimble offers a range of flexible packages to suit every fleet size and requirement.


Fleet Management
(with wired device)
(TVG 660/TVG 850)
  Fleet Management Standard
(with Driver Safety)
Fleet Management Professional
(with Driver Safety)
Vehicle Tracking Yes Yes
Vehicle Maintenance Yes Yes
Vehicle Location Update Rate 5 min 5 min
Over The Air Programming
Yes Yes
FieldVision (On Demand and Scheduled Reports) Yes Yes
Exception and Alert Notification Yes Yes
Organizational Hierarchy Yes Yes
Role-based Access Control Yes Yes
Landmarks Yes Yes
Map View Yes Yes
Extended Data Storage Yes Yes
Data Integration Yes Yes
Fuel and Carbon Management   Yes
Vehicle Diagnostics Fault Codes   Yes
Posted Speed Violations Yes Yes
Driver Safety Scorecards and Consoles Yes Yes

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