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Utility To Go

Key Benefits
  • Faster deployment across the field organization
  • Faster network repair with immediately available network and fault data
  • Reduced time to locate network objects and faults
  • Improved data integrity with immediate updates on field
  • Improved crew safety through up-to-date network state information
  • Reduced driving time, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

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"Your network data, when you need it, where you need it!"
  • Overview

  • Key Features

View your network like you have never seen it before
Utility To Go provides convenient and secure access to utility network data − anytime and anywhere. The application enables taking network data in the field, eliminating the need to contact the control center and go through binders full of paper maps.

With Utility To Go, you gain greater efficiency from the field operations, improve responsiveness in the field and office, and enhance the safety of mobile workers. Accessible with most modern web browsers, the application combines a professional level of functionality with an ease of use on a par with consumer apps. Viewing and updating network data or sharing information with contractors has never been easier.

With Utility To Go, you get your work done faster and better. The field crews have unprecedented access to network information for more informed decision-making and more efficient field operations.

All communication between Utility To Go and your on-premise servers is encrypted using standard HTTPS.

Key Features

  • Fast maps. Add your own background maps in multiple formats or add third party map providers such as Google.
  • Powerful search. Fast search for map addresses and all network data.
  • The right data. Freely configurable data layers to reveal exactly the right network data on any map zoom level.
  • Operative state in real-time. View the electrical network topology and switching status in real-time, and see the up-to-date information on network outages.
  • Updates on the field. Update network element and operative data, such as estimated repair times, for outages and low voltage switch statuses directly on the field to maintain maximal data integrity.
  • Offline work. Download part of your network information to your device and you are ready to go offline. You can view your utility network, locate elements and add notes even when a mobile data network is not available.
  • Location sharing. Viewing the locations of all field crews enables efficient assignment of tasks, allowing field workers to complete more work by having to drive less. This results in greater productivity while saving money in reducing fuel costs.