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Professional Services

Enterprise technology and location-based field computing solutions

Trimble Energy offers a full array of professional services for implementing cost-effective enterprise technology and location-based field computing solutions for Electric and Gas utilities. Through our team of industry, business process, and enterprise technology experts, we provide unique capabilities in delivering fully-integrated enterprise and field computing solutions to drive improvement in operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

Our professional services are delivered using our proven system implementation approach and methodology. We take great pride in our track record of successful implementations - on time and on budget. While collaborating with your team, we can do the same for your utility.

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Installation and integration

Fast, efficient and successful system installation and integration is essential for smoothly running operations. The installation and integration service includes configuration tasks needed to tailor the product to fit the customer’s processes and environment. We create an implementation plan together with the customer. The plan includes a report of the status of the customer's existing data, equipment and the equipment capacity, description of installation and integration task, and any required data conversions. The plan also defines how and when the users can start using the new system. Installation and integration tasks are carried out gradually to ensure a smooth transition to a new system.

Version deliveries

We take care that our customers are informed of updates to their solutions. The latest product versions contain the most up-to-date functionality and bug fixes. We can also perform the version installation or help customers with it.

An important part of version installation is to ensure that possible database updates are successful, changes in the environment are done correctly and the updated system functions as expected.

The version deliveries are often combined with training or consultation services to help the customer to quickly reap the benefits of the new version.


With extensive experience in the public infrastructure management and energy distribution industries, we have found solutions to many our customers’ problems. We can help our customers to improve both work processes and the utilization of IT support. Our professional consultants assist the customers, for example, in:

  • Solving technical and operational issues with the Trimble system
  • Assessing, developing and optimizing the system’s work processes
  • Managing the information in the system
  • Integrating existing and new systems to the system
  • Discovering untapped possibilities, for example, by determining how to extract more value from existing data
  • Developing new services for the customer's customer

Conversions and data migration

We evaluate all existing data with the customer and determine the tasks required to use the existing data in the new system. The data is classified and transferred from old information systems to the new system. Depending on the format of the existing data, data capture, conversions and digitizing may also be required before the transfer. We have long experience of data conversions and an extensive library of conversion tools that enable quick data conversion from most existing systems to any Trimble solution.

In co-operation with our partners, we provide data gathering and digitizing services.

Data migration may also be needed later during the product’s lifecycle, for example, if the customer wants to diversify and increase the amount of data managed with our system. We provide migration and conversion services for these situations too.


Trimble helpdesk support the customers' daily operations so that our systems function as expected and any problems are solved as quickly as possible. Together with training and consultation services, our helpdesks ensure that the customers can concentrate on their core business and can use their systems as efficiently as possible.

Our technical support staff knows their business. They are IT professionals who understand the field of business and are committed to providing prompt and efficient assistance.

Training courses

We fulfill all training needs related to our solutions, by providing general and customer-specific training courses for system administrators and professional end users.

Our well-defined training courses allow you to utilize the system to its fullest potential:

  • After the system implementation phase, to train the key users in all the functionalities of the product, and all system users in the specific functionalities they need in their work.
  • Any time when the system users change and new users require training.
  • When new functionalities are added to the system because of version upgrades or specific customer requirements.
  • General and customized courses can be arranged either at the customer or Trimble premises. 

Software as a Service

For customers who want to avoid maintenance tasks related to a software system, we offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

This means that we manage the hardware and software related to the product – partly or entirely, leaving the customer free to concentrate on managing and using the actual data in the system.

For more information, please contact:

North America: utilities_sales@trimble.com

Global: sales.electricgas@trimble.com