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Distribution Management System

Trimble DMS is an advanced solution for superior monitoring and maintaining switching state, managing outages and all related outage management activities to help utilities meet and exceed the stringent requirements demanded.
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  • Outage Communication

Trimble DMS provides the automation and tools to efficiently manage the switching state of the entire electric distribution network from the main supply points down to smart meters. The distribution management system features seamless interoperability with substation automation and advanced metering infrastructure, and offers powerful, reliable services for distribution network monitoring and operation support.

Trimble DMS contains a complete set of functions to plan upcoming actions and register past events regarding switching operations, alarm notifications, exchanging of permits and other safety precautions.

With the system, various incidents, such as sustained faults and planned interruptions on all voltage levels, can be managed. Computational fault location, extensive trouble call management, and various real-time analyses enable efficient and optimal supply restoration.

The tools for internal communication provide real-time location and status information from field crews for steering fieldwork.

The distribution management system's easy-to-use tools are used for producing an outage history database and performing accurate analyses of direct compensation and outage statistics. 

The Functionality of Trimble DMS covers distribution management tasks, such as:

  • Network topology supervision
  • Outage planning and
  • Outage management including automation for fault location, isolation and supply restoration, trouble call management and related outage communication.

The high performance of Trimble DMS is enabled by productized integration to network information, SCADA, AMR solutions and outage communication tools. Information from external GIS system is utilized in connection with our operation management tools.

  • Improved quality of power delivery
  • Facilitated daily operation
  • Controlled management of large-scale outage situations
  • Reliable real-time supervision and control of HV and MV networks
  • Near real-time management of LV networks
  • Improved monitoring of customer voltage quality
  • Streamlined management of trouble calls
  • Extensive set of outage reports and statistics for e.g. regulatory requirements

Key tools for constructing external and internal communication services, synchronized with a real-time distribution process status.

Trimble's Outage Communication contains a wide variety of communication services and interfaces related to the status and events of network operations.

The tools for external communication provide up-to-date outage information, enabling the construction of services for customers and for the public. The application can be used, for example, for services such as outage map published on the internet, interactive voice response based on the outage situation and SMS messages for notifying customers of ongoing and recently past interruptions.

Key Benefits of Trimble Outage Communication

  • Faster, automated communications processes
  • Reduced need for direct contact to customer service
  • Customer-specific, personalized services