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Trimble Precision SDK

The Trimble® Precision™ SDK (TPSDK) is an application interface that allows 3rd party software developers to rapidly integrate Trimble sensors into their Win32 and Windows Mobile® platform applications.

The TPSDK is interesting for companies which want to:

  • Add Trimble instrument support to existing software packages
  • Utilize specific interfaces of instruments for specialized work flows
  • Add new functionality to Trimble Access
Next to the SDK additional components ship with the package that help the developer in his daily work. Worth mentioning are:
  • The detailed reference guide
  • Two sample applications (code + bin) showing the various features of the Sensor Software Interface (SSI)
  • One sample application (code + bin) demonstrating the components of the Controller Software Interface (CSI)
As the TPSDK is hosted via Trimble Connected Community (TCC) you need to register in order to download the SDK. For registration:
  • Fill out the online form to register to the TCC organization
  • Send an email to tpsdk_admin for further questions

The following list gives a brief overview of the development requirements of the TPSDK:
  • Requires Microsoft® Visual Studio™ 2008 SP1 and higher
  • Requires Microsoft .NET 3.5 and higher
  • Supports any .NET language
  • Can be accessed by native languages
  • Supports Microsoft Windows XP™ and later as well as Windows Mobile™
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