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Force 27

  • 24-channel continuous tracking; L1 & L2 frequency; C/A-, P-, and Y-Code
  • SPS/PPS Firewall and Switch for civil airspace operation
  • Fault Detection and Exclusion and Step Detector per RTCA DO-229B
  • Enroute, Terminal, Oceanic, and Non-Precision Approach flight phases supported per TSO C-129a
  • Fast Direct Y-Code acquisition
  • SPS differential GPS per RTCM-104 Version 2.1
  • Stand-alone (unaided) or integrated (aided) operation
  • Code loop aiding (1–50 Hz aiding rate)
  • Selectable unfiltered or filtered position/velocity/time (PVT) solution
  • Field reprogrammable
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"High-performance products, innovative technology, and proven experience in the field make Trimble a trusted supplier for US and Allied military GPS users worldwide. Over the last decade, armed forces around the world have procured more than 50,000 military receivers from Trimble."
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Trimble's Force 27 Serial Embedded GPS Receiver (SEGR) is a 24 channel all-in-view receiver designed for high-performance airborne applications requiring the accuracy and flight-certifiability of the Force 524D, in a smaller form factor.

For defense applications the Force 27 is available with the proven SGE-41 SAASM GPS Engine, offering unparalleled performance against jamming and spoofing. For civil applications, the Force 27 SPS features equivalent accuracy and performance, allowing integrators to address multiple markets without a major re-integration effort.

The Force 27 SEGR incorporates the SGE-41 24 channel SAASM also used on Trimble's industry proven Force 524D. It provides the same performance and environmental characteristics of the Force 524D, only in a smaller form-factor.

Data Sheet

Using Trimble's next generation GPS technology, the SAASM GPS Engine-41 (SGE-41), the Force 27 is capable to simultaneously tracking twelve L1, twelve L2 or eight L1, eight L2 and eight C/A code channels.

The Force 27 supports traditional FRPA, AE-1 and GAS-1 antennas and is also capable of controlling up to 16 beams via its DAE interface.


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Part Number Description
82601-10-U50K Force 27 SEGR, GRAM Configuration with SAASM
79050-00-K50J Force 27 SEGR, C/A Code Only