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Force 22E

  • SAASM GPS Engine (SGE-41)
  • Miniature Ruggedized Unit (MRU) form-factor
  • 24 Channel Receiver
  • Simultaneous L1/L2 tracking
  • External Oscillator support
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"High-performance products, innovative technology, and proven experience in the field make Trimble a trusted supplier for US and Allied military GPS users worldwide. Over the last decade, armed forces around the world have procured more than 50,000 military receivers from Trimble."
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Trimble's Force 22E is a SAASM-based all-in-view 24-Channel receiver, using Trimble's next generation GPS technology, the SAASM GPS Engine-41 (SGE-41).

The Force 22E provides military integrators with a small, light weight solution for GPS-based navigation and timing. Equipped with a durable TCXO clock, the Force 22E also features an external 11.68MHz clock input, adding to its flexibility for tailoring to specific applications.

The Force 22E is backward compatible with its predecessor, the proven Force 22 receiver. The addition of a massive fast acquisition correlator and an ICD-167 SHCI interface, makes the Force 22E the most powerful military receiver available in this small size.

The Trimble Force 22E MRU is designed for easy integration and rugged dependability. Three general-purpose serial ports support ICD-153 and ICD-167 Serial Host Control Interface (SHCI) protocols based on published DoD standards.

The Force 22E supports 5V active FRPA antennas, and also supports an external Oscillator.

Data Sheet

Using Trimble's next generation GPS technology, the SAASM GPS Engine-41 (SGE-41), the Force 22E is capable to simultaneously tracking twelve L1, twelve L2 or eight L1, eight L2 and eight C/A code channels.


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Part Number Description
41205-40-U50A Force 22E with 2x RS-232 and 1x RS-422 serial ports.
41205-41-U50A Force 22E with 2x 3.3V CMOS and 1x RS-422 serial ports.