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Trimble Field Link and Field Link 2D

Taking Construction Layout to the Next Level

Featuring task-based workflows, customizable views and a touch screen user interface designed to optimize the information presented, Trimble Field Link extends field layout capabilities. In addition to the advancements made in performing layout specific tasks, Trimble Field link adds reporting routines to record and track layout productivity as well as the ability to document existing site conditions.

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Trimble Field Link for Structures
A key construct of BIM and VDC is in maintaining a direct link between design intent and construction reality. Trimble Field Link provides users with the latest tools for increasing both productivity and accuracy during the construction layout process to reduce rework and lost time. No matter whether designs are delivered via 3D models or 2D drawings, Trimble Field Link takes control to direct robotic total stations on site and identify the precise location of each point in your project. With proven performance gains of 200% over traditional workflows, Trimble Field Link is transforming the work of construction layout.

Trimble Field Link includes streamlined workflows to guide crews through common project types and improve consistency in layout and data collection. It lets you easily manage layout tasks with user-defined point lists and populate the lists with common layers and descriptions.

Quality assurance routines and as-built data collection is as fast as it is precise. Produce Layout Deviations, Daily Layout Summaries, and Field Reports. Document daily production as well as existing conditions for RFIs and job reporting. With Trimble VISION available in the Trimble RTS Series total stations, you can control the instrument from the tablet and provide photos directly from the tripod.

Designed to further simplify layout for construction professionals, Trimble Field Link 2D makes short-work of layout projects for fast results with the Trimble Rapid Positioning System layout solution.

Whether you need to create points and a plan on the job, or work directly from a model or 2D drawing, Trimble Field Link 2D fits your business and layout style. The software was redesigned specifically to reduce complexity, so you can feel confident entrusting crews with varying skills to perform automated layout successfully.

Once points are laid out on the job, you or your teams can round-trip the as-built point data back to the office to compare completed work with the intended design when adjustments are needed.