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Water Add Meters

  • Lightweight and rugged design 
  • Easily installed on front and rear discharge mixer trucks
  • Solid-state solution with no moving parts
  • Optional digital display (WAM250) to monitor water added
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Trimble Telematics

A result of Trimble's incomparable industry experience and years of research and development, the TVG850 is designed to provide a high-performance, durable in-vehicle platform for heavy vehicle tracking and logistics within the construction materials industry.

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Trimble's Water Add Meters, WAM200 and WAM250, are designed to accurately measure and control the amount of water added to specific concrete mixes. Having real-time water add information for each delivery give ready mix producers peace of mind that material quality is maintained and customers will be satisfied with the final product. 


Reduce manual reporting mistakes 

Automatic, real-time record of water added eliminates the need for manual documentation and potential mistakes 

Deliver consistent, quality material to customers

Ensure material is consistent and montior quality with automated record of water added 

Optional digital read-out display 

The WAM250 offers a digital read-out to display the amount of water added 

Technical Support

If you have further questions regarding support for WAM200 or WAM250, please email us at