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Trimble TrimView

Key Features
  • Fleet tracking with live maps
  • Status tracking
  • Messaging
  • Fleet health reports
  • Real-time alerts
  • Fuel and diagnostic updates
  • Driver safety monitoring
  • Customization and integration
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The RIGHT information at the RIGHT time.

TrimView is the construction industry’s leading productivity and fleet monitoring software.

Providing insight to day-to-day activities, operation performance, vehicle location and status updates,TrimView delivers valuable information that can be used to reduce costs and maximize efficiency.

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Integrated with Trimble’s mobile solutions and vehicle hardware, TrimView allows dispatchers,management and business owners to view the fleet on a LiveMap for near real-time location andstatus updates. Knowing where your vehicles are located in the delivery cycle and what they aredoing, provides more accurate time estimates and makes it possible to be more proactive in planning.In addition to real-time tracking and maps, TrimView stores Location and Event History forbenchmarks and trending to help drive improvements in process and customer satisfaction.

TrimView’s built-in integrations, messaging and reporting features make it easy to improve theway you do business. Trimble’s robust software is capable of sending and receiving messagesbetween driver and dispatch; integrates with dispatch and maintenance systems to provide valuableinformation across the organization for improved processes and more accurate data collection; and,offers enterprise administrative settings to help save time while reducing staff and IT burdens. 


  • Fleet Tracking
  • Status Tracking
  • Live Map Views
  • Fleet Health Reports
  • Fuel Reports
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Messaging
  • Systems Integration
  • Driver Information
  • Driver Safety Monitoring
  • Historical Data
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Ticket Tracking
  • Data Analysis
  • Customizable Solution


Recently Added Features

  • Enterprise Settings
  • Polygon Sites
  • Map Tile Server
  • Asset Status by Color
  • Enhanced Time Zone Settings
  • Sites by Sub-Organization

See latest release notes for more details.



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Upgrade your TrimView experience with additional modules*:


Remote vehicle diagnostics, fault codes, and data analysis directly visible within TrimView


Monitor fuel consumption of ready mix assets by measuring fuel use, idle time and fuel efficiency throughout the delivery cycle.


Monitor various driving maneuvers including: start, stop, left and right turn. These indicators are then compared to the fleet and/or industry average within TrimView to help vehicle owners and fleet managers evaluate and train drivers for safety.


Easily identifies who is operating each vehicle using a unique driver personal identification number (PIN) for login. With DriverID, TrimView users can see when a vehicle is “in service” or when a driver is on/off break.

TrimFleet Communicator

Provides integrated push-to-talk voice communication for drivers and dispatch. 

*Modules vary by region and may require additional hardware, software and/or mobile applications.