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  • Reports for fuel usage tracking
  • Accurate analysis of overall fuel use, nonproductive idle-time fuel use and fuel efficiency throughout the ready mix delivery cycle 
  • Requires connection to J1939 CANbus
  • Alerts and reports available in TrimView 

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The Trimble Difference

Trimble's TrimFuel solution helps managers and business owners determine between productive and non-productive idle time. In the ready-mix industry, huge dollar savings can be found in the non-productive idle times throughout a single delivery cycle, a full day of work, over a week or even a month. TrimFuel helps improve efficiency and save money. 

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TrimFuel provides insight to the fuel consumption of ready mix vehicles, when integrated with TrimView, by measuring fuel use, idle time and fuel efficiency throughout the delivery cycle. 

Reports generated by TrimFuel identify ways to lower fuel costs and increase efficiency

  • Fuel Efficiency Report (without details)
    Provides a very high level view of fleet fuel consumption and level of fuel efficiency that vehicles are achieving
  • Fuel Efficiency Report (with details)
    Provides a granular view of individual vehicles fuel consumption and level of fuel efficiency for vehicles in each deliver loop
  • Fuel Cycle Detail Report
    Provides a snapshot of individual vehicle fuel usage for each delivery
  • Idle Cycle Detail Report
    Provides fuel usage and idle time for each vehicle, filtered by each status in the business cycle. Accurate "Idle time" is determined if all of the following are true: the vehicle ignition is on, vehicle is stopped, drum is not in a fast charge or discharge and the washout hose is not engaged.


Monitor True Non-Productive Idle Times

Leverage reporting to track and improve non-productive idle times for increased productivity

Alerts for Fuel Theft

In the event fuel levels drop dramatically, an alert is sent to TrimView for potential theft

Technical Support

If you have further questions regarding support for TrimFuel, please email us at