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Mobile Solutions for the Construction Industry

It's time to GO MOBILE with Trimble Construction Logistics

Our mobile solutions are here to transform the way you work. With Trimble's Android and iOS applications, businesses are able to improve communication, collaboration and process automation in order to keep operations running efficiently. 

TrimFleet Mobile for Android
A mobile application that helps improve driver productivity and customer satisfaction. Drivers use TrimFleet Mobile for Android to access maps, routing, delivery information, voice and text communication and the ability to share status updates from an in-cab application on an Android device.

TrimView Direct
A mobile application that delivers valuable, real-time data about operations and state-of-the-business directly to the palm of your hands. Sales Managers, Plant Managers, Dispatchers and others can access key business metrics from an iOS or Android device in order to make real-time improvements and smarter decisions in the field. 

TrimFleet Communicator
Integration with push-to-talk service provider, Zello, allows voice communication and collaboration to extend beyond typical dispatch and driver roles and is now available on an iOS or Android device using the Zello@Work application. 

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Smart solutions for a business that's always on the GO
Img TrimFleet Mobile Via

Equip drivers with the right tools to get the job done.

Img TrimView Direct

Quick access to real-time dashboards and analysis of business operations.

IMG TrimFleet Communicator

Integration with push-to-talk service provider, Zello, expands voice communication to any mobile device.