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Bulk Material Solutions

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Solutions for Bulk Material Logistics

Receive real-time vehicle location, driver communications and maintenance details

Work smarter with Trimble solutions for bulk material logistics. 

Trimble TrimFleet is a complete solution for bulk material haulers. Leveraging integrated software with rugged hardware, TrimFleet records and transmits vehicle location, positioning events, vehicle diagnostics, driving behavior and communication updates between field and office workers. 

That data is then used for reporting and analysis for solving business problems related to bulk material logistics.  

Business owners and material haulers using TrimFleet gain valuable insights that enable them to improve cost certainty, identify and avoid potential problems, and find opportunities for efficiency improvements. The data collected helps answer questions, like: 

  • How much does equipment cost to maintain?
  • Where is my business losing money?
  • How much does one customer or account cost my business?
  • What can my business do to be more productive?
  • Which driver is performing the best?

To answer these questions, TrimFleet identifies areas for improvement throughout the business cycle, such as: time, safety and cost. 

Solutions for the Construction Materials Industry
readymix_solution V-Sight

Maximize asset up-time with real-time, remote diagnostics.

aggregatesolution TMT Fleet Maintenance

Maintenance management software with TrimView integration.