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Road Alignments
Road Alignments

Road Alignments

The Trimble Quantm system is ideal for any road project, from small bypasses to major highways, new projects and realignments. Quantm comprehensively integrates design standards, terrain, geological, and hydrological data, environmental areas, property ownership, and cost information in a simultaneous optimization process. This delivers a range of alignment alternatives that can be analyzed to address project owner and stakeholder concerns and maintain the momentum of the road project.


  • Reduce planning time to deliver a finished road faster to the community
  • React quickly to emergent stakeholder constraints during the consultation process
  • Reduce investor risk and provide more accurate estimates for tightly constrained budgets

Quantm Software

Quantm Enterprise Product Icon
Quantm Enterprise Software
Processes road designs and alignments in-house for all your planning projects

Quantm Professional Product Icon
Quantm Professional Service
Trimble experts work as part of your team on a project-by-project basis to develop road alignments of any size

Quantm Desktop icon
Quantm Desktop Premium Software
Processes road alignments up to 50km (31 miles), empowering planners and engineers to collaborate with various project stakeholders and reduce planning time and expense