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The Planning Process

Quantm delivers value to the project owner, the project team and the wider community.

Using proven Trimble Quantm technology, planners and designers now have the ability to minimize the environmental and social impact of road and rail projects, while reducing construction and operating costs for tax payers and project owners. Quantm can be utilized at every stage of the planning process from initial scoping through feasibility, detailed planning and pre-bid, and post-bid award value engineering studies.

See a chart that details how Quantm technology helps throughout the planning process...


Quickly identify the cost corridor options for consideration using existing terrain and feature data.


Help with macro viability decision-making by generating multiple alignments in primary corridor and producing data for evaluation and consideration.


Validate and select feasible alignments, optimize and refine alignments trends, add and evaluate the effects of new constraints based on data collection, social and environmental factors.

Value Engineering

Evaluate and fine-tune construction alternatives during bid preparation and design-build where applicable.