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High Speed Rail
High Speed Rail Alignments

High Speed Rail Alignments

Trimble Quantm comprehensively assesses all input data, including environmental, cultural and community issues involved in planning a new high speed rail route, substantially reducing planning time and alignment construction costs.

Quantm technology calculates alignment options across the terrain, delivering the best candidates to your planning team for consideration. The resulting options can be analyzed quickly to address project owner and stakeholder concerns. When new data becomes available the Quantm system can rapidly generate new optimal alternatives to maintain project momentum, and keep your high speed rail project on track.

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  • Analyze millions of alternative routes that comply with regulations, meet challenging horizontal and vertical design criteria and return a range for consideration
  • Easily respond to any new constraints and public opinions when they arise and quickly generate new alternatives
  • Provide an independent validation tool to assist with preparation of tenders for various phases of the project
  • Achieve significant planning cost savings throughout the project, especially for expensive structures such as bridges and tunnels

Quantm Software

Quantm Enterprise Product Icon
Quantm Enterprise Software
Processes high speed rail designs and alignments from a local server supporting desktop clients

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Quantm Professional Service
Trimble experts work as part of your team on a project-by project basis to develop high speed rail alignments of any size