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Case Studies

Find out how Quantm has helped companies around the world reduce planning time and project costs

Projects of all types and sizes can take advantage of the benefits of the Trimble Quantm technology. Examples range from regional, state and national transportation infrastructure planning to small bypasses and road realignments.

See all our customer stories and find out how Trimble Quantm has helped companies and governments in every corner of the world save time and money, and improve relationships with the communities they serve.

High Speed Rail

Quantm technology has been used worldwide for planning over 5,500km (3,417 miles) of high speed rail. See a complete list of Quantm high speed rail projects.

"Quantm was able to greatly improve the collaboration between the engineering and environmental project teams" - Transport Corridor Agencies California, USA

"The Studies by Quantm specialists in optimizing stretches of rail, will keep tunnel and viaduct construction to a minimum, reducing investment by 10% of the infrastructure cost" - Ana Paula Vitorino, Portuguese State Secretary of Transport

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Regional and Statewide Planning

Quantm technology is used from preliminary scoping at a regional level to the development of full statewide transportation planning.

"Quantm, in conjunction with EPA GISST Data, was extremely effective in preliminary corridor development during the corridor alternatives evaluation process. The large number of alternatives generated by Quantm provided extensive and consistent options throughout a large and diverse study area" - David Bacon I-69/TTC Corridor Study GEC

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Small Road Projects

Quantm has helped planners find big cost savings on small road projects. The rapid generation of alternatives and the ability to determine environmental impacts are also valuable benefits for smaller projects.

"The Idaho Transportation Department supported the use of the Quantm system to define highway corridors, limit the areas of intensive environmental field work, and still provide a product that would comply with NEPA." - Idaho Transportation Department – USA

"We achieved a 13% saving on alignment construction cost even though the tightly constrained corridor limited options." - Opus International Consultants

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Mining Freight Rail

The Quantm system was commissioned for application on more than 280 kilometers (175 miles) of open-access, heavy-haulage rail infrastructure for Fortescue Metals Group in Western Australia. Quantm enabled the Fortescue team to take a quantitative and iterative approach to planning the most cost-effective and desirable alignment of the railway, taking into consideration environmental impacts and maintenance costs. With the help of Quantm, Fortescue was able to complete the railway in only nine months.

Modernizing National Infrastructure

High quality, efficient transportation infrastructure is key to supporting economic growth. In a rapidly changing world the application of the Quantm system is enabling nations around the world to efficiently plan for the modernization and addition of new national and regional infrastructure.

By using the Quantm system for planning, Quantm users are delivering better quality studies, addressing the social and environmental concerns associated with modernization and new infrastructure. The studies are completed with more accurate cost estimates and are delivered in a shorter time.

In China, Quantm has been successfully applied to over 8,000km (4,970 miles) of road and railway projects in China, from scoping studies and pre-feasibility studies to feasibility studies.

"With its unique DTM and optimisation engine, Quantm is capable of handling vast amounts of data efficiently and empowers our engineers to deliver multiple viable alignments with great reduction in bridge and tunnel length. The system also provides us new ideas on station location, environmental protection and land acquisitions along the route." - The Fifth Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Corporation (T5Y)

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Value Engineering

As the construction phase approaches, Quantm can be used to refine the alignment within a defined corridor or refine the vertical geometry to reduce earthworks and other construction costs.

"Quantm was able to analyze thousands of alignments and output alignments with 10-15% construction cost savings." - Carter & Burgess, Boulder City Bypass