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Guidance and Steering

Trimble solutions for guidance and steering can help you accurately monitor and map field information in real time, complete field operations quickly, efficiently, and productively, and keep your vehicle on line even while driving in difficult terrain.

Learn how our customers are using Trimble solutions for guidance and steering for their operations.

Appel Family Farm
Appel Family Farm
The Appel family farm in Germany, which focuses on asparagus and strawberry growing, utilized the TrueTracker™ implement steering system. They believe it has led to their achieving direct monetary returns of between five and ten percent.

Trimble Agriculture – Chris Cole
Chris Cole
Chris Cole implemented Trimble guidance and steering solutions as well as crop input control and saw a major reduction in overlap resulting in less wasted fertilizer, plus his operator can now work longer days.

Trimble Agriculture - Daryl Stefek
Daryl Stefek
Daryl Stefek switched to the TMX-2050™ display after purchasing a new tractor, and found the display to be user friendly and modern. He is now considering switching completely to Trimble.

Trimble Agriculture Gordon Shrader
Gordan Shrader
With the TrueTracker™ system Shrader has been able to apply fertilizer right in the band rather than broadcasting it, which has led to more yield out of less fertilizer.

Trimble Agriculture – James Oakden
James Oakden
The Autopilot™ system with an FmX® display and the Field-IQ™ crop input control system reduced overlap allowing James Oakden to save on input costs. He also credits the Autopilot system with reducing his fuel costs by more than five percent.

Trimble Agriculture - Neil McIver
Neil McIver
Trimble’s guidance and steering solutions enabled Neil McIver to save time, fuel, seed, and input material due to more accurate steering with less overlap. The equipment also gave his business a competitive edge.

Trimble Agriculture – Robert Todd
Robert Todd
After implementing several Trimble technologies in his spraying operation—the Autopilot™ system, FmX® display, Field-IQ™ system, and RangePoint™ RTX correction service—Robert Todd saw reduced overlap, less fatigue from his operator, and increased accuracy.