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Connected Farm

Connected Farm™ allows you to collect, share, and manage information in real time. Access information from any location using your computer, tablet, smartphone, or the TMX-2050™ display, and make better-informed decisions by simplifying your data management.

Learn how our customers are using Connected Farm for their operations.

Connected Farm

Trimble Agriculture Aaron Richards
Aaron Richards
Aaron of Indy Family Farms utilizes the Connected Farm™ solution for planting and applying nitrogen on corn which has simplified data management from the field by transferring data wirelessly between tractors and office.

Trimble Agriculture Bogdanov
Borislav Bogdanov
Borislav utilizes Connected Farm to facilitate and optimize farm management by unifying the information about all operations being conducted in the fields.

Trimble Agriculture Crossroads GPS
Brad and Todd Stephenson
Using wireless data transfer between the office and field and between vehicles working in the same field was a large time saver for the farm.

Trimble Agriculture Indy Family Farms
Indy Family Farms
The Connected Farm™ solution has allowed the farm to streamline data management, optimize data verification, and has enabled the farm to make faster adjustments because field information is quickly received in the office.

Trimble Agriculture Jon Bryson
Jon Bryson
Jon Bryson of Indy Family Farms explains how the Connected Farm™ solution improves their decision making process by receiving data from the field in real time.